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Pain Relief And Pain Control

Pain management using hypnotherapy and NLP

Most pain is useful; it tells you that something is wrong. If you absent-mindedly go to pick up a hot plate then the pain tells you that you are burning your hand, and you automatically let go before the heat causes a serious burn. If you have an injured limb and try to use that limb then the pain will make you stop before you do more damage.

Useless, redundant pain

But if the pain is persistent it is doing nothing useful. Chronic pain distracts you, stops you doing things, tires you out, frustrates you and can even depress you. Pain does more than affect how you feel your body. When in chronic pain you tend to see the world differently and perhaps start to tell yourself it is hopeless. The cause of chronic pain can be difficult to account for. Sometimes there seems to be no known cause, and sometimes the cause is known but the pain is far in excess of what would normally be expected.

Medical assistance

Pain is not inevitable. If you are in pain then you should ask your doctor for treatment. Chronic pain may well require the services of a neurologist. It is important to find any physical cause; there may well be a cure.

Pain control assists in the healing process, helping you to heal and promoting good responses to any medical treatment. The removal or reduction of persistent pain can only help to improve your life. If your doctor does not rule out hypnosis then we will be happy to help you achieve pain control.

Eliminating migraines

Easily the most common pain that people ask us to deal with is a Migraine. Although we may not be able to guarantee that our treatment will work in your particular case we have often been able to eliminate previously persistent migraine headaches, sometimes in only one session.

Pain relief/control in general

Other pains often respond to hypnosis, and we have experienced success in helping people to eliminate or to substantially reduce various persistent pains. What we can claim is that we often are able to produce a quick-acting, positive intervention to help you to achieve pain control or pain relief.

NLP and hypnotherapy

One explanation of how hypnosis can help with pain is that if you are not consciously aware of the pain then you are pain free. If that is so then successful hypnosis treatment depends on teaching you how to keep any pain sensations outside consciousness. Whatever the reasoning, hypnotherapy is well known as a successful way to achieve pain relief.

NLP and hypnotherapy combine well together. You can learn how to consciously use relevant NLP techniques to alter thought patterns arising from feelings of pain. We use hypnotherapy to communicate with your unconscious mind; suggestion, relaxation and metaphor are some of the methods that will help you to achieve your goals.

How long will this take?

It varies with individual cases. Although some people achieve total success in one session, most people need between two to four one-hour sessions. We always aim to achieve a noticeable improvement as soon as possible.