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Insomnia - Help Treatments Therapy

Helping towards a good night’s sleep

Insomnia is a widespread complaint. Most people would rather not use sleeping pills, thinking that taking chemicals is perhaps not the best way to get a good night’s sleep. However, we all need adequate sleep and an alternative way to help achieve this is available for most people with this condition. If the tiredness and irritability resulting from lack of sleep is preventing you from seeing a way out or getting a better grasp of the problem, then you may like to hear about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you.

What causes insomnia?

Among the known causes are:


Dealing with medical concerns

So pain, sleep medications and stimulants are possible causes that need medical attention. The others all have something in common, the way that the person with insomnia is thinking.

And dealing with the other concerns

For very many people sleeplessness is caused by the way they think and feel as they try to get to sleep. Perhaps they cannot stop thinking about a particularly upsetting occasion or circumstance. Perhaps they think about something that has happened, or about something that might happen. Perhaps they are overcome by many thoughts, one succeeding another or all at once, and they do not know how to ‘switch off’. And perhaps they are trying too hard to get to sleep.

Establishing an insomnia pattern

Once someone has experienced insomnia style thinking a couple of times then a pattern gets established, a pattern of thoughts and feelings that becomes automatic. An unconscious, behavioural habit is now in place, causing and maintaining the insomnia.

Changing the pattern with hypnotherapy and NLP

If you recognize elements of how your thinking could be interfering with your desire for sleep then we can help you to end your insomnia pattern and to think differently. We do this through the use of hypnotherapy and NLP. We show you how you can make use of NLP techniques to consciously change the way you think and feel. We make use of hypnotherapy to address the unconscious pattern at a deep level.


Insomnia symptoms may include some of these:

How long will it take to get me to sleep properly?

On average, most people need between two and three one-hour sessions.