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Depression: We Help You To Break Out Of The Circle

If you are depressed you will be well aware that you lose interest in all the daily activities that you once enjoyed, and that you feel downhearted and helpless, even hopeless, and very often suffer from high levels of anxiety.

Once you have reached this state it can seem impossible to leave it behind, indeed you might even come to think of it as normal and based on reality. At this point your habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviour add up to a depressing view of the world, a ghastly mood where nothing sounds hopeful and there is a general feeling of being stuck. And if people who are enjoying life as you once did tell you “It’s all in the mind” and to “cheer up”, they only add to your sense of depression.

You will have discovered that attempts to change using conscious efforts of will power do not succeed; your thoughts circle around and back to where they started. And this provides more evidence of how hopeless it all is.

Stopping Depression And Improving Your Mental Health

Despite your any awareness you may have of how hopeless it all is we would like to assure you that with the right kind of help you can break out of this cycle. This may sound unlikely to you and you may well find that the idea of being free again keeps slipping away, but we have helped many people to stop being depressed and to get back in touch with all their inner resources, thereby improving mental health in general. They tell us the result is liberating.

Help from NLP/Hypnotherapy

We make use of a blend of NLP and Hypnotherapy that provides a threefold approach to help you make the changes you are seeking.

  1. We listen carefully to your description of how you experience depression; we determine how your particular relationship of feelings and thoughts leads to the way you are living in the world at this time.

  2. We help you to use conscious NLP techniques designed to help you re-pattern your thoughts, the way you evoke the past, the way you see the future in your mind’s eye, the way you speak to yourself inside, the way you feel about yourself. In fact, we work with you to rebuild the way you go through life.

  3. We work unconsciously, using hypnosis, to help you re-pattern at a deep level and to reconnect you with inner resources that you have been unable to draw on during your depression. We make use of suggestion or metaphor or story, communicating both directly and indirectly with your unconscious mind.

Meanings and the past

We do not talk about the past, other than to help you put it behind you. We do not try to interpret, explain, theorise, or search for hidden meanings or ultimate causes. We prefer to work with your depression as you are experiencing it now; we find it a more effective way of working.

Planning a future

Rather than ask “Why are you the way you are?” we ask, “What can we do to help you to move on?”

We prefer to help you find ways to deal effectively with the present and the future. We have found that working with how you think is the most useful thing we can do for you; it can help you move on quickly and comfortably.


Typically, people described as depressed, or having a ‘depressive disorder’ have some, or all, of the following symptoms:

Moving on

Our aim is to help you become more resourceful and get into a better mood right now. Doing this will enable you to

How long will it take?

This can vary considerably, depending on your circumstances. As a broad estimate, allow for about three or four hour-long sessions, although please do call us so that we can discuss your personal situation.