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Bereavement and grief

Help to heal your grief with hypnotherapy and NLP

If you have lost someone you loved then the grief can be overwhelming. Remembering someone who is no longer in your life can be very painful, the memory of the loved one seeming to be small and distant and carrying feelings of emptiness.

Many people who have experienced this have learned how to resolve this feeling. Learning how to do this means that you’re memories of that person bring feelings of warmth, as you see the good times you shared. And you can find ways to carry shared values into the future, making them available to others you may meet, so that your past experiences can help decide the qualities that will shape any future relationships that you may enter.

Learning from others

Workers in the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy studied people who had successfully healed their own grief following the death of a loved one, asking them about such things as what they did, and what it is like now as compared to what it was like before.

What emerged was a common structure of how to move on, and this will be used as a guide to help you if you decide to employ NLP/Hypnotherapy to help you to heal your grief. The fact that successful self-healers are used as a model means that the process can help you to move gracefully to the conclusion you are seeking.

Not forgetting, but remembering better

Among the results that these models reported was a strong feeling of carrying shared values into the future. Whenever they remembered their loved one they felt close to them. Some even were able to ‘talk’ to and get advice from these memories. Although they moved on from their old life, they took their good memories with them. It was not a case of forgetting, but of being able to remember fully and warmly.

How can I do this?

We show you how to use NLP in a very conscious way, enabling you to try out new ways of thinking about your loss, ways that help to enable you to keep all the good values of earlier days. There are various NLP techniques available and we are there to guide you through the various processes, ensuring you get the result you want.

We also use hypnotherapy to help you at an unconscious level, using indirect methods such as metaphor and story to help make the process both painless and permanent.

NLP and hypnotherapy in tandem

We find that this bonding of NLP and hypnotherapy, of the conscious and the unconscious, provides a rapid and comfortable way to deal with something that has caused so much pain.

How long will it take?

As a rough guide, most people achieve their goal in anything from one to three one-hour sessions.