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Stay calmer, rather than 'Anger Managament'

Sooner than ‘Manage your anger’ …

The downside of getting help with ‘anger management’ is that there is a hidden assumption:  you are angry; you cannot get rid of your anger; you need to continuously manage your anger; the bad feelings are permanent; you will do it again.

… Get rid of anger

Far better, in our view, to not be so angry right from the start; you can get to feel as if you are on top of things, your response to events hits the right note every time, and you see things in perspective. So it isn't realy anger management, its more 'calmenss training'.


Everyone feels anger occasionally; it is a natural feeling. It can even be useful, but in today’s society it is rarely so. After the anger we usually feel remorse; but the damage has been done. When we are angry we tend to get in a state where we are much less resourceful and focus on what is bothering us, ignoring everything else, lose perspective, and fail to see ways out of our predicament.
Very often we are angry simply out of habit.

Resolving anger in its many forms

Anger can reveal itself in many ways. It might begin with a trivial event that you nurse in your thoughts, building it up slowly until it suddenly breaks out. Or you might have had a stressful day and everything gets on your nerves. Or your angry feelings might be connected to alcohol or another drug. You might get really furious once a day, or burst into a rage once a month. You might find your temper seems to come from nowhere, or you might find a particular situation such as driving a vehicle triggers it off.

Very often it is people close to you, such as partners or children, who have to bear the brunt of your emotions.

Direct, down-to-earth approach

We have a broad strategy that aims to help you recondition your old, automatic way of being and bring you more choice in your response to life. Within that strategy are two basic approaches.

We use NLP to teach you how to move towards resourceful states instead of being overwhelmed by emotion. We use hypnotherapy to help you to re-pattern your reactions at a deeper, automatic level.

Rather than you learning ‘anger management’ you can learn how to do new things automatically; things that enable you to respond to events rather than react to them.

Achieving results

Because we deal with your problem as you experience it in consciousness, results can be achieved surprisingly quickly. We do not usually need to spend a lot of time dealing with the past, which saves a lot of time. There are always exceptions, of course; in which case we can show you how to deal with this rapidly and painlessly.

Sometimes we need to see both partners in a relationship.

We do most of our work one-to-one but it sometimes is very useful to see you and your partner together.


Some of the symptoms are listed below. Most people experience only some of them.

About anger

Anger is natural

How long will it take to achieve all this?

Because of the underlaying philosophy and the combined use of NLP and hypnotherapy two or three hour-long sessions are usually sufficient and we are usually successful.