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Fear of spiders - spider phobia - cured

Stop your spider phobia with help from hypnotherapy and NLP


Arachnophobia is the scientific name for the fear of spiders. It can affect anyone and is one of the most common phobias in Europe. It is not particularly common in the Americas. A survey in England suggests that spider size, colour and leg length were the most important reasons offered for being afraid of spiders. For many people the threat of sudden movement by a spider is an important part of the fear.

When did it start?

This phobia is often the result of a distressing encounter with a spider in childhood, though the original incident may be long forgotten. The fear can be a mild, inconvenient feeling, or it can be so intense that it triggers a full-blown panic attack. Anyone who has never experienced a phobic episode cannot really appreciate what is going on, and will think the sufferer is ‘irrational’.

How does it work?

The fear takes over because of an alarming incident when you saw a spider, or spiders and for some ‘good reason’ you felt alarm and fear at the same time. This set up a conditioned response: see spiders, feel afraid, panic. This is an automatic, unconscious response – beyond conscious control. It is not because you are cowardly or weak-minded: it can happen to anyone. The question is: what to do to stop this happening? If you do have a spider phobia there are things that you can do to quickly get rid of it for good.

How can I get rid of it?

Until recently desensitization was the only approach in common use. This involves gradually exposing you to spiders, closer and closer, or suddenly exposing you close up to lots of the creatures. Not everyone can take this treatment, it sounds a little like torture to us. It did have some success although it took lots of time.


Another approach is to get you to remember the moment when you accidentally acquired your spider phobia, float you into a garden or onto a beach and ask you to comfort the young you at the moment when you were terrified.

Tools that simply work for you

We do not spend time on the past: you do not need to know how it started. Your phobia exists in the present and manifests itself out of habit. You have a pattern of thoughts, emotions and feelings that is triggered off at the very thought of a spider. We take a direct approach: our strategy is to interrupt the pattern, to show you how you can bring it into consciousness and make it powerless. If the pattern no longer exists then your phobia is at an end.

Hypnotherapy and NLP

We use NLP and hypnotherapy to help you stop the fear of spiders affecting you ever again. We show you how to use specific anti-phobia techniques from the world of NLP. These allow you to change your automatic response to a spider in a conscious manner: you learn how to regain control of your imagination and make it work for you. We use hypnotherapy to suggest changes at a deep level, making use of direct and indirect suggestion, metaphor and story to make changes in an unconscious manner.


Hypnotherapy and NLP, combined with our strategy of a direct approach to the problem, makes a powerful tool for generating positive change, quickly and permanently.

How long will it take to stop my fear of spiders?

Because we use these methods we expect you will need only one one-hour session, sometimes we meet someone who needs two sessions.