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Phobia Of Speaking In Public

Help for the fear of public speaking

It is often said that fear of public speaking is the most common phobia in the western world. This may or may not be true, but it is easily the phobia we get to work with most frequently.

If it is bothering you then you will probably be glad to know that it clears up easily and quickly. You can be free of this fear quickly, easily and for good.

Enjoying public speaking

What is public speaking? Definitions vary. Perhaps a short talk to two or three people; or a business presentation; or addressing a large room full of people; or a wedding speech; or television interviews.

Whatever your definition, if you are scared of speaking in public you can lose the fear and look forward to doing it with a focused, harmonious grasp of how to enjoy expressing yourself to others.

About the phobia

All those who harbour this fear have several things in common:

People without the phobia may well feel anxious about the upcoming event, but they simply accept it, ‘It will be OK on the day’.

This fear of the fear is possibly the biggest contributor to these terrors of public speaking. And it seems so rational to be aware of previous times when the problems have struck and therefore to expect them to occur again.

How are you going to sort my fear of public speaking?

First of all we will use NLP and hypnotherapy to directly deal with the phobia. NLP has some very effective tools to tackle these sorts of issues, and there are known hypnotherapeutic interventions that are also capable of doing this.

NLP is something you can use consciously to remove old thought patterns and replace them with new, more useful ones. We work with you to ensure you can easily learn to use these tools effectively. Sometimes this is all you need.

Hypnotherapy tools are also available to help at an unconscious level, and usually we will make use of both therapies.


The combining of these two approaches is the most effective way of working in our experience, enabling you to integrate the new ways of behaving into your thinking about situations that would previously have triggered off the phobic feelings.

Depending on the specifics of your definition of public speaking we will also help you acquire useful skills for particular aspects of your public performance. This too will be done using NLP/Hypnotherapy.

How long will it take?

Most people get need between two and four one-hour sessions, but some find they can get everything they want in one session only.