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We will. Quickly and easily with NLP/Hypnotherapy

If you have a phobia then you share something with everyone else who has a phobia; you are terrified of something, you don’t seem able to conquer it, and it took hold of you some time ago, maybe years ago. There has been a lot of useful work done with the kind of extreme irrational fears that we label phobias, starting in the 1970’s. Nowadays, if you elect to make use of NLP/Hypnotherapy, you will in all probability find that you are able to get rid of your phobia for good in a surprisingly short time, sometimes in minutes..

Phobia cures can astonish

People are often amazed at how quickly a lifetime fearful thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be dealt with so comfortably and easily. For instance, an eight year-old girl sees a dog behind a glass door in someone’s home, and becomes very distressed; she has ‘always’ been terrified of dogs. Five minutes later she is kneeling by the dog, scratching its belly, and then discovering that a dog’s nose is surprisingly cool and moist.

Not all treatments are that fast, but usually an hour is enough to make the permanent change you are looking for. The logic behind this apparently magical transformation is simple, once you know it even seems obvious.


People are amazing. People learn to be afraid of lots of different things, a startling variety of objects and situations. Most people probably have a phobia, but if it is something you can avoid then you don’t feel the fear. If you are afraid of flying then taking your holidays on the mainland means you never feel the fear. But if your boss wants you to fly to the States for a meeting then you now have a phobia that needs fixing.

Why this cure works

It usually takes just one bad experience for someone to generalize a single, frightening event into knowledge that all similar events require the same response. In an instant of time we have learned how to behave for the rest of our life. This learning is, of course, unconscious learning. It is also described as habit.

So we are fast learners; one event is enough for us to learn new behaviours and always evoke them in appropriate circumstances. The good thing about this is that we can use this learning skill to ‘unlearn’ the phobic behaviour pattern. We can use speed to defeat the old, unwanted responses. That is the basis of the magic.

The breakthrough

Studying people who had recovered from a phobia using only their own resources was the chosen method of developing the NLP phobia cure; these people (experts) were asked how they did it. Creative (inspired) use of NLP communication models then resulted in the discovery/invention of a rapid way to escape permanently from a phobia.

Research continues, and newer methods utilizing neuro-hypnotic re-patterning which involves the idea of neutralizing the phobic effect by reversing the flow of phobic feeling. Techniques that are rapid and permanent are still being searched for. Not every technique works with everybody, so the more techniques are developed the greater the probability of your success.


NLP enables you to make changes to automatic, unconscious thought processes in a highly conscious way. Hypnotic methods rely on less direct communication with your unconscious, when you can make use of indirect communication. Metaphor, story and other thought processes also come into play.

It is the way we bring them together and combine them as NLP/Hypnotherapy that creates such a powerful therapeutic process.

Other techniques

Until these newer methods came along there were few techniques available, and they were not always reliable or rapid. Desensitization was one of the techniques. This has two main variants, partial and flooding.

Flooding involves being confronted with the object of terror, and being literally forced to develop a different way to react. The other method involves you confronting your fear, but starting with a small, limited exposure and building up over time. Both methods are extremely uncomfortable and uncertain in effect.

Hypnotherapy was the other available approach, using deep relaxation and installing calm responses, and traveling back in time to arrange for a different response to the original experience. All these hypnotic methods are still in use today, and are accepted as useful therapeutic tools. In fact, hypnotherapy has been the most effective approach for many years.

Is my phobia something that can be cured?

Yes, and phobias are a big part of our workload. Those fears we most frequently work with are Public Speaking, Flying, Spiders Driving, Interviews, Needles, Dentists, Hospitals and Medical Treatment. But there are many more. And they are all respond well to the interventions available through NLP/Hypnotherapy.

How long will it take?

Many phobias can be resolved in just one session, occasionally it takes a little longer.