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Overcoming claustrophobia with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP

Claustrophobia is classed as an anxiety problem. The defining characteristic is an overwhelming fear of enclosed spaces. If you suffer from this then you will know how intense these feelings can be. But you can overcome claustrophobia; you can get rid of it for good. Those we have helped with this describe the result as being free.

About claustrophobia

Apart from the fear of enclosed or of small spaces, you may also feel like you are trapped and there is no way out. People with this phobia often check every place they are in for an exit, just in case.

There is also the problem attached to most phobias, the fear of the fear. Worrying in advance about whether another attack is going to begin can even bring on an attack.

Claustrophobia very often begins in childhood, when a child finds itself ‘trapped’ in a confined space. Adults who have a bad experience in a confined space such as a stuck lift, or in a train that breaks down in a tunnel can develop the same claustrophobic symptoms.

The panic effect

Anyone who becomes scared experiences panicky feelings, ‘fight or flight’ kicks in as a result of a large dose of adrenalin being released into the blood stream. Sometimes we ‘learn’ how to do this, and we then feel panicky in any similar situation.

Unconscious learning

As the fear of the fear develops and we worry in advance, we unwittingly and unconsciously program ourselves to feel fear. With practice we get very good at this and we experience the full effects of claustrophobia.

The results are distressing; having to avoid situations likely to trigger another occurrence such as lifts, mass transport, cars in traffic jams, MRI scanners. And there is the continual need to worry about identifying safe exits wherever you go.

Interrupting the pattern

We set out to show you how to undo the unconscious learning of how to be afraid. The thoughts that lead you to worrying about being trapped and needing to have an emergency exit are automatic and your thoughts always follow the same pattern. The idea is to re-pattern your automatic thoughts, replacing them with more useful, helpful and pleasanter thoughts based on reality.

Help with NLP/Hypnotherapy

NLP and hypnotherapy are both very useful for this task and are complementary tools. They share the same goal of going directly for a practical solution. You can learn to use NLP, with our guidance, to re-pattern your thoughts using conscious techniques. Hypnotherapy is used to address your unconscious mind using indirect and direct methods. Employment of these two therapies leads to a rapid and permanent solution.


The symptoms can include:

Many other conditions share these symptoms.

How long will it take me to overcome claustrophobia?

Because of the rapid effects of NLP and hypnotherapy the average is between two and three one-hour sessions.