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Give Up Smoking

With help from hypnotherapy and NLP

If you are a smoker then you may well be an expert on stopping smoking, you’ve done it so many times. If so, then you know lots of ways to not stop the habit. There are methods that work, and this is probably the most effective and reliable one. You can stop smoking, just like that, and never miss the habit, never think about cigarettes again.

It’s done by creative use of hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnotherapy has long been associated with stopping smoking, and with the additional tools available from NLP it can be even swifter-acting, and with a permanent result.

But what about my addiction to nicotine?

One of the pleasant aspects of using NLP/Hypnotherapy to help people who want to give up smoking is to hear from them afterwards. When asked what it was like after the successful session they reported that they simply did not think about smoking, and that they no longer understood why other people smoked. They also told us that they never missed them, they simply felt better knowing that they were no longer involved with smoking.

So if people smoking 50 cigarettes a day for 30 years can decide to stop and then suffer no withdrawal symptoms at all, perhaps there is another explanation of why people find it so difficult to stop. Maybe the word ‘addicted’ does not help us understand what is going on. If nicotine is so addictive, how can they experience such an easy way to stop?

Compelling ways of thinking

Most people who smoke and cannot stop would agree that they have thoughts about smoking, and that these thoughts become very powerful; so powerful that in the end they light up again. And then the thoughts stop troubling them for a while.

A good way to describe this is to say that you feel compelled to smoke. If you stop thinking about smoking in this compelling way, then you have taken the first, and most important, step.

Life style factors

There are other, complicating factors. Many people associate smoking with being social. And also associate it with relaxation, and with dealing with stress, and as a small reward for doing things during the day. There are many other factors. To stop smoking without dealing with these aspects is to invite a relapse.

We use NLP/Hypnotherapy to help you give up smoking.

You can learn how to banish the compelling thoughts of smoking, and teach yourself to switch rapidly and automatically to more useful, or more interesting, or healthier thoughts. NLP techniques are ideal for this; you use them in a conscious mode, and we are there to assist and to ensure that you apply them accurately.

Hypnotherapy is very useful for dealing with the associated aspects such as stress and rewards. It also is used to help you build up a self-image that includes all the benefits and behaviours that go with being a non-smoker.

We find that using the two therapies in tandem gets very powerful results.

Smoking, some facts

  1. Those who eventually give up smoking usually try to stop two or three times before they're successful.

  2. Only 2.5 percent of smokers successfully quit each year.

  3. The success rate for using will power alone is 6%.

  4. Using patches doubles the chances of success: it goes up to 12%.

  5. A large meta-study identified hypnotherapy as easily the most successful way to stop smoking

How long does it take to give up smoking with NLP/Hypnotherapy?

Although we often are able to help someone to quit in just one session, we suggest that you allow for three one-hour sessions. This enables us to make full use of the range of techniques, and allows you to make sure you have dealt thoroughly with this engrained habit.