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Keep chocolate in check: Stop Being A Chocoholic

You can choose if and when you eat chocolate

If you want to stop eating chocolate completely, you can learn how to do this.
Or if you prefer to cut down on chocolate, you can learn how to do that.
Others have done it quickly and easily, and so can you.

It’s part of my life, how can I change that?

You may feel that chocolate really is part of your life, and that you are a chocoholic. It probably sounds true to say that it is part of your life. And you may well not be able to see a way out. Thinking about and eating chocolate has become a habituated behaviour.
Habits can be changed; habits can be dropped. Most people have done this with an unwanted habit at some time.
You can learn how to do this with your habit of consuming too much chocolate.

I think about chocolate all the time

For some people it is more than a habit, it has become a compulsion. Their thoughts lead to chocolate, and to an overwhelming thought; a craving for it that cannot be resisted. You can learn how to stop a compulsion dead, banishing it forever.

Eating chocolate is comforting

Some people have an emotional problem and eating chocolate gives them (temporary) relief. Dealing with this problem will then be part of the treatment; learning how to reduce the emotion to a manageable level.

Using hypnosis and NLP

NLP can be used to deal with the trigger situations that would normally lead to eating chocolate, perhaps noticing a favourite bar in the ‘impulse buy’ section of a supermarket checkout queue. We help you make it so that the triggers become ineffective and fail to set off the ‘desire’.

NLP can also be effective at removing the craving, making it much easier to say no.

Another function of NLP is to help you develop an aversion to chocolate. This really helps to reduce the desire, often eliminating your cravings for good, there and then.

Hypnotherapy is useful for restructuring matters at a deep, unconscious level, so that your whole approach to the idea of chocolate in your life changes.

What if someone offers me a chocolate afterwards?

You will be able to choose; you could refuse, politely but firmly; you could graciously accept one only, enjoy it and decide not to accept another for some time to come.
Using aversion with NLP does not result in you feeling nauseous at the idea of chocolate; rather the desire to eat it is neutralised, becoming faded and washed out.
In short, you get back in control.

Thinking about the new you

You will of course want to maintain this new relationship with this food substance.
Suppose the sight, or even the thought of chocolate, sets off a chain of thoughts about how good it feels to be free of it, and of how you can see that this is helping you work towards your goals in life. This probably sounds like a good idea.
NLP can be used to set this up; it’s a little like acquiring a new compulsion - one that you like to have.

Chocolate as a craving

How long will it take?

Most people need only one session, though some people do need two or three sessions.