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Stop excessive blushing with help from NLP/Hypnotherapy

Blushing is a normal human physiological response. It becomes excessive if it makes you anxiously aware of it and the anxiety feeds the blushing. Some people suffer more than others; they have, all unknowingly, slowly built up a conditioned reflex that triggers the blush response. If you have done this then you may well find yourself responding to certain situations, such as in a group or when you are the centre of attention, by blushing. Or you might even blush for no apparent reason, even when you are with immediate family.

You can learn how to drop the conditioned reflex and replace it with alternative behaviours of your choice. You can displace the feelings of anxiety and feel a return to normal blushing; something that happens occasionally you that you hardly notice. And as soon as you have done this then the new behaviours just happen, automatically. Instead of blushing excessively, you find that you now have access to all your resources.

‘I am so worried about my blushing problems’

You will not need to learn management techniques about trying to breathe differently and trying to calm down during a blushing spell, that is definitely not our strategy.

We work with you to help you to train your responses in advance. Anyone who blushes excessively worries in advance that they will start to blush. Someone who does not suffer from this problem does not worry about it happening, and as a result it rarely does.

Your brain automates everything you repeat a lot; it becomes a habit. From signing your name, to tying a shoelace, to holding a fork, if you do it often enough you can ‘do it without thinking’. It automates thought patterns, so it automates excessive blushing.

Many people try to stop thinking about it, but unfortunately they opt for trying to not think about blushing. Someone may even have advised them to ‘just don’t think about it’. Not thinking about something is a difficult thing to do. For instance, right now, do not think about a pink elephant. Do not think about it. More importantly do not think about the rainbow the elephant is sliding down, and do not notice the pot of gold at one end of the rainbow. Are you not thinking about a pink elephant yet?

Learning how to get back in control

If you managed to not think about it you probably ‘cheated’; you thought about something else instead. And that is one of the important ‘secrets’.

Using NLP/Hypnotherapy

One particularly effective NLP techniques is to train your mind to move from an unwanted thought towards a thought you find more useful to you. Sometimes this technique is sufficient to stop a blushing habit dead.

However, we prefer to add in additional hypnotherapy techniques; each of them working separately at re-conditioning the old responses into something you would rather have instead.

Working directly with the problem

Because we listen to you carefully as you describe how you experience the blush response and then work directly with the way that the problem manifests itself in your neurology, we do not have to spend ages talking to you about the past. No matter how the problem started it is now a habit that can be re-patterned directly; you learned how to do it so you can now learn to do something else instead.

Many of our clients have found that both the blushing response and the associated anxiety have significantly reduced using the NLP/Hypnotherapy approach.

Excessive blushing

How long will it take to reduce stop my blushing problem?

We find that the use of NLP/Hypnotherapy means that on average we need only see someone for about two or three hour-long sessions.

Learn to stop being worried about blushing too much.  Clinics throughout Leinster, Connaught, Munster, and Ulster offer treatments, help and therapy for you so please feel free to get in touch now.