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Erectile dysfunction treatments

Help from Hypnotherapy and NLP 

Erectile dysfunction is a term that covers a wide range of problems. Here we are discussing erection problems. Erectile dysfunction is more common in men over 65, although it can occur to any man at any age. Almost all men experience this occasionally, and if it is occasional then there is nothing to worry about; you’ll be OK next time. However, if your pattern has persisted for more than two months then it is best to seek medical advice. There are many possible physical causes, and it is important they are eliminated.

If your medical advice is that everything should be functioning then there are some non-physical causes. In that case you probably still have nocturnal erections and can still get a good erection by self-masturbation. And you can look forward to overcoming this problem.

Non-physical causes

Some of the possible causes are stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and exhaustion. Also to be considered are nerves about performing, guilt, and relationship problems. And worry: worry that it is going to happen next time; fear that it won’t go away.

Common sense will lead you to some obviously useful things that can help, such as: cutting down on stress, alcohol and smoking; and getting more sleep.

The fear factor

But the two things that can really help is to deal with any underlying problems such as stress or guilt, and to find a way to stop worrying. The worry and fear that many men build up when they first have a sign of erectile dysfunction can become the factor responsible for the continuation of the problem.

The fear of having the problem ensures that the problem occurs again. The worry and fear mean that you imagine what it will be like if it happens again, so if you think about having sex you automatically think about not getting an erection. It is, in a well-worn phrase, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like a roundabout, your thoughts and behaviours go round and round.

The solution: Using hypnotherapy and NLP

There are several things to be done. We help you to deal with any underlying causes such as stress. We show you how to make use of relevant NLP techniques to bring your imagination back under your control, as opposed to your imagination working to maintain the problem. We use hypnotherapy to communicate with your unconscious mind and reformulate your loop at a deep level.

Hypnotherapy and NLP have some very useful techniques for all these tasks, and in combination make for a quick, easy solution to the problem.

Erectile dysfunction

This can include patterns such as:

How long will it take to resolve my erectile dysfunction?

It takes, on average, between two and four one-hour sessions to resolve ED problems.