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NLP/Hypnotherapy – A remedy for Anorgasmia

You can overcome the fear of anorgasmia

Over 90% of orgasm problems prove to be psychological in origin. And performance anxiety is believed to be the most common cause; fear of re-occurrence leads to expectation of failure.
You can expect to find that once you have dealt with anxiety then anorgasmia simply stops bothering you.

Causal factors

Sometimes trauma starts the problem off. Early negative experiences are also a common cause. Lack of emotional closeness can also be involved.
Whatever the cause of your problem, successful treatment does not involve dredging through the past. If an event or events in the past can be identified as a cause, then dealing with the way it affects you today is the key to success.

NLP And Hypnotherapy Treatments, ‘Therapy’ And Help

NLP is about focusing on how patterns of thinking impose themselves in the present, resulting in worry and anxiety. It can be used to give you more choice; you can guide your usual train of thought into new directions.
Hypnotherapy can be used at a deeper level; you can use it to re-experience times, any other times, when you were focused and relaxed. You can then take this feeling into thoughts of situations where your fear was normally to be expected. This results in new experiences and behaviours.
NLP and hypnotherapy together can help you to re-educate the way you think, and how you feel.

Anorgasmia – some facts

It can be classified as primary or secondary anorgasmia. Someone who has never had an orgasm is said to be suffering from primary anorgasmia. Someone who has previously experienced orgasm but no longer does so is said to be suffering from secondary anorgasmia.
Although women are more likely to be affected, it is not unknown for men to find themselves affected.

How long will it take?

On average the treatment for anorgasmia occupies from two to four one-hour sessions.