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Stop excessive sweating - hyperhidrosis

Dealing with hyperhidrosis using hypnotherapy and NLP

Sweating is natural; everyone does it. It is part of the body’s temperature control function. However hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, affects about 1% of the population.

If you suffer from this problem then it can affect your entire life. It is invariably accompanied by anxiety about the sweating. You can get help to alleviate the anxiety and the worry, and often the problems go away completely.

The anxiety factor

Anxiety and worry about hyperhidrosis makes the problem worse, the more you pay attention to it the more it affects you. And of course this can mean that you worry about it even more and it builds into an unpleasant cycle of thoughts, sweat, thoughts…

The good news is that the less you are bothered by thoughts relating to hyperhidrosis then the less you sweat. You can do this by tackling the anxiety directly, and we offer help for you to do this.

Blushing and sweating

For some people the excessive sweating is associated with excessive blushing. Excessive blushing also responds well to the treatment we offer.

How it works

We would like you take a look at how a way out of the unpleasant feelings you seem to be stuck with at the moment; do the arguments below sound right to you.

The way you experience the problem, the way it manifests in your consciousness, is the most important guide to the way forward to freedom for you. We work directly with this; after all, the manifestation is the way problem affects you.

We all of us rely on automatic thought processes; they are a quick and reliable way to get a predictable result. Anything we do repeatedly becomes an automatic, unconscious thought pattern.

Someone troubled by Hyperhidrosis becomes very aware of skin temperature and sweat production, they are always checking unconsciously; it becomes automatic. And if they do notice a small change then anxiety may well add to the problem. Someone who is not troubled by this problem will be totally unaware of minor variations in skin conditions.

Changing habits

We use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP to help you transform your habitual thoughts about excessive sweating. You can learn how to change your habits about sweating into more useful and flexible behaviours, where Hyperhidrosis becomes a thing of the past.

This combination of NLP and hypnotherapy is effective and produces rapid, permanent results.

Symptoms and problems

Some of the symptoms and problems are:

How much work will I need?

This varies according to individual circumstances, but on average only two or three one-hour sessions are required.

For an overview of the discussion on taking a firm grip on anxiety and blushing you can click below: