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Treatments For Physical Problems

The links below will take you to further information about what we do to help you overcome the problems of dizziness (sometimes referred to as giddiness), irritable bowel syndrome (which is usually referred to as IBS) and excessive sweating. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the physical problems we help people to overcome. Other obvious areas we work with are those of asthma, bruxism (teeth grinding), enuresis (bed-wetting) facial tics, lip biting, hypertension, and pain relief (including migraine relief). Further pages will shortly be provided detailing how we provide therapy and help for PMT (or PMS), shy bladder syndrome (paruresis), stuttering (stammering), tinnitus and vaginismus.

Bruxism - Teeth Grinding
Bruxism or the grinding / clenching of your teeth can cause great discomfort. Find out how you can end this problem quickly.
Dizziness Problems
First and foremost it is vital that you pursue conventional medical treatments before deciding to come and see us. If you are suffering from dizziness then we will expect that you will not only have seen your doctor but you will also have been examined by and ear, nose and throat specialist. If you are reading his then you may well have already been through conventional medicine to no avail. Quite often, someone will have suffered from an infection of the inner ear, something akin to labyrinthitis, have got rid of the infection yet are still prone to bouts of dizziness and sometimes the causes of the dizziness are completely unknown. One thing seems certain to us, though. If you are worried about experiencing dizziness, or anticipating feeling dizzy, then it is likely that you will inadvertently bring it on. Dizziness can be one of the symptoms of anxiety. Get rid of the anxiety, get rid of worrying that you may be dizzy, and the problem often disappears for good.
Excessive Sweating Problems
We have put excessive sweating in the ‘physical problems’ index but it could just as easily have been placed in the ‘anxiety’ index. Once again it is important that you have consulted with your doctor before calling us. Through the years we have found that excessive sweating tends to be maintained and reproduced by the person worrying, in advance, that they will sweat excessively in certain situations. We think of this as ‘planning to sweat’ because that it the way that your neurology seems to respond to these thoughts. In a very similar way that excessive blushing tends to respond very well to our direct methods. Excessive sweating is often diminished or eliminated once you get the person to stop worrying about it in advance.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS Problems
here hasn’t been a huge amount of scientific research into the effectiveness of NLP and hypnotherapy in general (it’s quite tricky to research consciousness), but there has been a good deal of study about the effectiveness of hypnosis with regard to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  There are a range of proven techniques and methodologies that can be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Pain Relief
NLP and hypnotherapy are very effective at relieving and managing pain. You can overcome pain and discomfort whatever the cause.