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Healing help for IBS
(Irritable bowel syndrome)

If you suffer from IBS and are looking for a way to put an end to the distressing effects it can have on your life there is an important piece of information that may well bring your search to a successful conclusion. There is a valid argument that hypnotherapy is the most effective way of dealing with irritable bowel syndrome, the most effective help for IBS. Most people who make use of this therapy experience either a complete cessation of symptoms or a substantial reduction in severity.

How does this work?

We first find out from you how you experience IBS. We ask questions about such things as; when and how it can affect you, and whether stress may be involved. We listen carefully to what you say, discovering your overview of your problem and how you feel about how it can take hold of you.

We work with the way you experience the symptoms in the present moment. We do not spend hours finding out about the past, or go searching for dubious causes of your problem. The emphasis is on finding a solution to what is going on in you today.

Anxiety is often associated with irritable bowel syndrome, but not always. Anxiety is not simply a possible cause, many people become anxious about the symptoms and how they can drastically affect their life. If anxiety has become bound up with your IBS then we will help you overcome this as part of the treatment. Very often a significant reduction in anxiety leads to the IBS simply disappearing.

‘How will you help to get rid of my IBS?’

To help with IBS we use clear-cut, direct hypnosis and bring in some key NLP processes, all of this aimed directly at treating the symptoms. This builds up into a potent blend of suggestions, conveyed by both direct and indirect methods to your unconscious mind.

Our experience is that this approach, which deals with how your symptoms manifest themselves rather than trying to go back into the past in a search for ultimate causes, gets the best outcome, and very rapidly.

The approach can be fine tuned for you as we add in new ways of looking at a solution, and once that sounds right we can also bring in gentle ways for you to slacken off any tension and feel relaxed.

Keeping pain in check

If your experience of IBS is painful then we initially focus on pain control and pain reduction.

About Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS is usually experienced as an ever-present condition, though there may be times when the symptoms are worse than usual and times when the symptoms reduce or even disappear completely. Anyone can develop the condition.

A syndrome is a word used to describe something undesirable with a recognisable pattern. Irritable bowel syndrome has a recognisable pattern, has no known cause, and is not accompanied by expected physical signs such as intestinal inflammation. Yet it is real, it can even be disabling.

Many of the signs and symptoms of IBS are shared by other illnesses, so before you contact us for help it is important that you have discussed your condition with your GP, in order to eliminate other possible causes of your symptoms.


IBS Symptoms can vary from person to person, not everyone experiences them all. You may be experiencing only mild symptoms or significantly unpleasant symptoms or you may experience them as totally disabling or very painful. Some of the most frequently reported are:

How long will it take for me to get rid of my IBS?

The combination of hypnotherapy and NLP and other techniques means that most people need from two to four one-hour sessions to achieve their goal.