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Treatment for dizziness (giddiness) – Stop Feeling Dizzy

Hypnotherapy and NLP can assist you

Dizziness is also called light-headedness or giddiness, and is also referred to as vertigo or loss of balance. People can be classified as belonging to one of three groups: your dizzy feelings have a known physical cause; your dizziness has possibly a psychological cause; or there seems to be no discernible cause.

Whichever group you belong to, help is available to obtain relief. By making use of NLP/Hypnotherapy you can change perspectives and find clearer ways to think about it and as a result feel much more grounded and stable.

Because of the many possible causes of dizziness it is essential that you seek medical advice if you are experiencing these problems; it may be a symptom of something else.

Symptom of stress

Being dizzy can be a symptom of anxiety. Other symptoms of anxiety can include sweating, a tight-chest, trembling and weakness.

People who suffer from giddiness are often concerned about being dizzy, especially about the issue affecting them at times when it is important that they feel well balanced. They may well spend some time working out possible causes, and what to do to deal with the problem. This concern may become intense enough to raise anxiety levels.

Thinking about it makes it worse

Many sufferers find that the more they think about the dizziness the dizzier they get. And if they stop thinking about it then it becomes less severe. They have developed thinking habits, or thought patterns, that bring with them the feelings of being dizzy.

Re-training your mind

One way we can help you is to use hypnotherapy and NLP to break up these patterns and help you get out of the automated, unconscious habit of worrying. NLP/Hypnotherapy can also help you to find ways of feeling calm, stable and centred: you can learn to do this as a habit, and also to be able to choose to do this when you think you need to.

Different people require different treatment. NLP and hypnotherapy offer many tools to help you stop being dizzy, or to reduce the frequency and severity. Or to cope better if a physical problem is the cause. You can find new ways of looking at your problem, new ways of expressing yourself and ways to feel much more secure.


Dizziness symptoms may include some of the following:

How long will the treatment take?

The use of NLP/Hypnotherapy means that the expected requirement is two or three one-hour sessions.


Dizziness in summary