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Nightmares and bad dreams

Stop nightmares with help from hypnotherapy and NLP


A dream with very unpleasant emotional elements is known as a nightmare. Although they are more common among children, about 50% of adults experience them occasionally. Some people have frequent nightmares. The experience can be sufficient to cause disruption in someone’s life. Hypnotherapy can offer a new look, help you get a different handle on dealing with nightmares.

Nightmares bring emotions and feelings

Nightmares can invoke emotions and physical feelings. The emotions are often those of fear and horror. The physical feelings can include the sensations of drowning or falling or even death. Very often the dreamer wakes up in the middle of one of these dreams. Some people then experience sleep paralysis: they find they cannot move.


Sleep paralysis has a scientific explanation, arising from the persistence of REM sleep as the sleeper awakes. If you are not aware you are waking up and are dreaming of physical danger and cannot move then the nightmare can be very frightening.

Some common original causes

Anxiety and stress are the most common original causes. Major life events, such as bereavement, can also cause nightmares. And in many cases there is no discernable cause.


If nightmares are a cause for concern to you then probably your main interest is in stopping them. Whether you know the cause, or the cause is destined to stay unknown forever, the key to stopping nightmares usually lies elsewhere.

Patterns of behaviour

Nightmares involve a sequence of thoughts and feelings. This sequence can be quickly, easily and accidentally turned into an automatic, unconscious pattern of behaviours: it becomes a habit. Once you have an automatic pattern that is guaranteed to produce and maintain a nightmare then the problem begins.

Recondition the pattern

The answer is to either destroy or alter the pattern, so that it loses the power to invoke a nightmare. We can help you to achieve this reconditioning, making use of hypnotherapy and NLP. These two therapies together form a powerful combination. As a result you will find yourself sleeping peacefully and waking up refreshed, and perhaps with vague memories of a pleasant dream.


You can learn to use NLP techniques that enable you to make conscious changes to the nightmare pattern. We use hypnotherapy to recondition the pattern at an unconscious level.



How long will it take me to stop my nightmares?

This can vary in individual cases, but on average about two or three one-hour sessions are sufficient.