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Stop feelings of jealousy

NLP/Hypnotherapy and jealousy. Help And Treatments That Work

Sometimes jealous feelings appear to be well based. Very often there is no foundation for the emotion, it is not a response to real events.

If you experience sudden attacks of jealousy in which you think or say or do things that you bitterly regret later as you calm down and realise that once again you have been affected by something you imagined, and want to stop this behaviour happening again, then NLP/Hypnotherapy can help you to succeed. You can stop being jealous.

If, on the other hand, you are sure that there are solid grounds to explain why you feel jealous then we can often help you to get an overall view of what is going on and get a firm grasp on how to proceed.

Why Am I So Jealous?

There is general agreement that you experience jealousy when someone seems to be threatening a relationship that you set great store by. You feel great resentment towards them, and at the same time you are trying to protect the relationship.

If there really is a threat then jealousy could be useful to you. However, if your jealousy is groundless then you start a pattern of behaviour that is not only useless but also personally devastating and becomes a real threat to the relationship you are so desperate to defend.

Patterns Of Thinking

Jealousy repeats in a predictable pattern. Some people become moody and withdrawn. A more common reaction is panic followed by anger and fury. At this point violence can occur directed at the partner, or at the person perceived as a threat, or to both. This is usually succeeded by feelings of remorse and guilt. As these attacks of jealousy succeed one another then the seeming impossibility of controlling oneself can lead to anxiety and depression.

Living in fear

The person at the receiving end is astonished by the first few outbreaks of jealousy, but this is succeeded by a dread of it happening again, and of apprehension that the violence might escalate. They can end up living in fear of you. Being too jealous can wreck a relationship that both sides want to nurture.

What causes jealousy?

Very often the person suffering from these feelings experienced something hurtful in an earlier relationship and brings the resulting jealousy into every succeeding relationship. ‘Meet someone, get jealous, lose someone’ becomes part of the pattern. And sometimes someone in a happy long-term relationship can be suddenly afflicted for no obvious reason. So original causes of the condition are not always known.

Imagination sustains the pattern

The cause of the repeating pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviour is habit, a habitual thought pattern that ends in the jealous behaviour. And the trigger that sets off the pattern is imagination, if you are suffering from ‘false’ jealousy then you are responding to an imaginary threat.

Perhaps the sight of your partner smiling as they talk to someone else triggers an attack. Or perhaps they are not with you right now and you start wondering what they are doing, and with whom. Your imagination is so powerful it can lead you to destroy the thing you value most.

Controlling your imagination, automatically

By making use of the techniques and models of hypnotherapy and NLP we deliver therapy, help and treatments that go straight to the one thing that is essential to an attack of being jealous, your imagination. We can help you get your imagination working for you, rather than against you. NLP can help you consciously change your thought patterns, so that from now on you stay in touch with reality whenever those old triggers come into your life. Hypnotherapy can communicate indirectly with your unconscious mind through the use of metaphor and story, and communicate directly by use of suggestion.

Used together like this, NLP and hypnotherapy become a powerful tool that you can use to get the old jealousy response to simply fade into the past as new, resourceful responses become your habitual way of dealing with imaginary threats. And because it is automatic it is easy.

How long will it take for me to stop behaving jealously?

Through the use of this combination of hypnotherapy and NLP treatments, help and therapy the average number of one-hour sessions for the treatment of jealousy is only two or three.