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Help For ‘Other’ Problems Index Page

The issues on this page are grouped here because they do not fit easily info any of the other index, you might call this a miscellaneous index. These issues are not necessarily related to each other. The problems on this page, however, are some of the most important and significant issues we help people with, namely anger management, bereavement, binge drinking, depression and jealousy.

Anger Management Help
‘Anger management’ does not really describe what we do. Our treatments are designed to make it so you don’t feel so angry in the first place; we work to ensure that the triggers that used to fire off the anger response are eliminated. Everyone gets angry now and then, our therapy is aimed at those who are more extreme
Help With Bereavement
No-one is saying that it is bad or wrong to experience sadness and grief at the death of someone close to you. It is a natural human emotion, a natural process to go through. Our help with grief and bereavement issues is to make it easier for you to move on with your life and to put the bereavement into perspective. It isn’t that we want you to ‘forget’, just to find it easier for your mind to more automatically go to the ‘good’ memories.
Help To Stop Binge Drinking
One of the most common problems we help people overcome is that of binge drinking. Once again, this if often a straightforward matter of training the mind to be clear, in advance, about if the person is going to drink alcoholic drinks, or not, and if so how much do they want to drink. We find that by using hypnotherapy and NLP combined we can often sort even extreme binge drinking out in a very few sessions, and sometimes one session suffices.
Help For Depression
Depression is a word used to describe a vast range of symptoms. The way we help someone suffering from depression will depend upon the person’s individual circumstances. It isn’t counselling, though, you can be sure of that. We won’t spend much time talking about the causes of your depression, or your childhood.  Think of it as training.  By using the direct methods of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) we work to get you out of the loops of thinking that seem to go around and around, and on and on.
Help To Stop Jealousy
Jealousy is very often another word for ‘anger’, because the jealous person is usually a very angry when feeling jealous. We have found that really powerful help can be given when we directly train someone’s imagination. Think about it. Jealousy is when your imagination is out of control. Sometimes there are good reasons to be jealous. We tend to see the people, however, who repeatedly massively over-react. We don’t care ‘why’ you are jealous (unless there is just cause); all we are interested in is training you to be on control of your imagination. It’s that simple, and it works.
Help for Insomnia

The sleepless nights experienced by someone suffering from insomnia can have a catastrophic effect on their lives. Everything seems more difficult if you are permanently tired. And everything will seem easier when you start sleeping well again.

Improving concentration and memory

NLP and hypnotherapy are valuable tools to help you to improve your concentration and memory. We will work with you to train your mind to be able to go into states of consciousness to access these resources more easily.

Stop Nightmares And Bad Dreams
If you are a sufferer from chronic nightmares then you will know how terrifying and exhausting they can be. More common in children, it is estimated that about half of the adult population also suffer. Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you with these problems.