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Help is here if you want to stop Binge Drinking

You can stop excessive drinking with the help of NLP/Hypnotherapy

Some people simply decide to have a binge. Some people used to do this but no longer want to, and yet find themselves caught up in a behaviour they seemingly cannot change. Some people regularly end up bingeing after intending to have only a couple of drinks. Some people have a drink to relieve social anxiety and, apparently out of control, end up drunk.
Whatever the reason for your excessive drinking, if you want to stop then NLP/Hypnotherapy can help you get back in control of your life.

All kinds of people are affected by binge drinking

Both men and women are affected. Many people have been doing it for years, and may now be in a responsible post and in a long-term relationship. Yet the behaviours of years ago are still there; same thoughts, same pattern of behaviour, same feelings. And they probably have friends in their social circle who go out in the same group, have a couple of drinks, enjoy themselves and go home, and never dream of bingeing.

Thinking makes it so

Many who binge ask themselves ‘why can’t I be like that? Why can I not stop bingeing?’ the answer is almost certainly a habitual thought pattern.

Two possible thought patterns:
          “I’m going out tonight with my friends. I’ll probably get drunk, I usually do. I really do not want to get drunk. I hope I don’t lose control tonight.”
          “I’m going out tonight with my friends. We’ll probably have a good time, we usually do. I’ll have a few drinks, enjoy myself, then get home about midnight. I want to be up bright and early tomorrow.”

No prizes for guessing who is getting drunk tonight.

Thinking about what you want

The first thought pattern involves thinking about getting drunk, and when other outcomes are thought about they occur as negatives; not getting drunk, not losing control. The pattern could be described as thinking about what you do not want.

The second thought pattern is exclusively about the desired outcomes, and deals with descriptions of these outcomes. The word ‘not’ is redundant. ‘Bingeing’ and ‘Drunk’ are beyond the horizon. The pattern could be described as thinking about what you want. And if the second thought pattern is habitual and automatic then binge drinking will not occur.

Learning to plan for what you want.

NLP provides a range of techniques you can learn to apply. They allow you to create new thought patterns that switch in automatically, and take you from thoughts about drinking to thoughts about enjoying a couple of drinks and enjoying the feeling of being back in control.
Hypnotherapy techniques can be used at a less conscious level to help re-pattern your thought processes.
So instead of trawling through your childhood looking for reasons or causes or meanings, we simply help you train your mind to go in a different, more useful direction. It can save an awful lot of time.

Binge drinking

How long will it take for me to stop me from drinking excessively?

By using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy we aim to help you to recondition your thoughts and behaviours with about one to three hours of work; that’s one to three sessions. Many people find that being able to deal with alcohol in a very comfortable way is a liberating experience.