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This links further down page will lead you to further information regarding the treatments and therapy for extreme fears and phobias.  The list of links below is by no means exhaustive. Issues regularly treated but not yet included below include the fear of spiders, heights, being sick, doctors, surgery, anaesthesia, cats, dogs and animals….the list goes on. There are also those people who are terrified of contracting an illness or disease such as AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The General Page On The Curing Of Phobias
This page outlines how we approach the treatment of all phobias
Phobia Of Public Speaking
We have listed the fear of public speaking first simply because it is easily the most common phobia we get to deal with. Whether it’s high levels of anxiety at meetings at work, stark terror at the prospect of having to do a presentation, or simply to get you to be one of those people who is comfortable telling jokes in a bar…we can almost invariably sort this problem for you quickly and easily.
Fear Of Flying
The second most common phobia we get to help people to overcome is the fear of flying. Whether you have always been terrified of flight or have developed your terror because of some incident you have been involved in (real, imaginary or just seen on TV), this phobia can usually be repatterned rapidly and effectively.
Arachnophobia – Phobia Of Spiders
Arachnophobia, the extreme fear or phobia of spiders, is one of the most common fears we deal with.  We can almost invariably sort this phobia in one session.
The fear of open spaces usually manifests as the fear of not being able to escape to a ‘safe’ place whilst outside. This is another one of those anxieties that can have a crippling effect on someone’s life. It can be sorted with hypnotherapy and NLP.
Bird Phobia
The fear of birds can be one of the most debilitating of them all. After all, you don’t necessarily give a speech everyday, or even see a spider, nut birds are everywhere… Some people have become virtually housebound because of their terror of flapping wings. It’s lovely to get rid of these horrible feelings for good.
This is usually defined as the fear of enclosed spaces but it should be more accurately described as the fear of being trapped in enclosed spaces. Some people fear the feelings of being trapped in a car in a traffic jam, even though they can see for miles. More usually, claustrophobia is experienced in places like elevators (lifts), and underground trains and it can be a contributory factor to the fear of flying.
Dental Phobia
Most people would understand someone who was scared to go to the dentist. This phobia, however, often prevents a person getting dental care in advance of the problem, so they will only visit the dentist if they are already in extreme pain. Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you regain control.
Driving Phobia
This particular fear can be anxiety about driving in general, worry about driving more than a certain distance from home, horror at the prospect of driving on a motorway or dual carriageway and more… Whatever your particular anxiety, we can very probably sort it quickly and easily
Fear Of Being Sick (Emetophobia)

The fear or phobia of being sick is known as Emetophobia, and it is said that that it is the fifth most common phobia. The phobia can affect you by making you afraid that you, yourself, will vomit, or else it can make you afraid that someone else will be sick. Emetophobia is usually acquired in childhood, and it is rare for it to go away on its own: if emetophobia has you in its grip then you will have had to learn how to live with this fear.

Hospitals Phobia
This particular anxiety be so strong as to make the prospect of going to a hospital, even for urgent treatment, is too horrifying to contemplate. Also, people who suffer from this, find themselves unable to visit friends and relatives in hospital.
Needles Phobia
The fear of needles, injections, jabs etc, can make it impossible for the person affected to get important immunisation for a foreign holiday, and, more important, very difficult to receive medical attention. So it is well worth sorting it out.
Phobia Of Bridges

This surprisingly widespread phobia usually responds very well to our combination of hypnotherapy and NLP. Learn to travel across bridges without fear.

Phobia of Cats
Little Kitty may be cute to many people but not so for someone with a phobia of these animals. Either cats or kittens can be the trigger for a phobic response in some people. It’s very nice not to have to be terrified of someone’s pet, or pets, so please follow the link for further information
Phobia of Dogs
The fear or phobia of dogs (dog phobia) is another common problem. And, as with all these problems, it doesn’t matter how it began, it can be cured quickly and easily.