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Fear of being sick (Emetophobia)

Overcome your fear with hypnotherapy and NLP

The fear of vomiting is known as Emetophobia, and there are claims that it is the fifth most common phobia. The fear can affect you by making you afraid that you, yourself, will vomit, or else it can make you afraid that someone else will vomit. Emetophobia is usually acquired in childhood, and it is rare for it to go away on its own: if emetophobia has you in its grip then you will have had to learn how to live with this fear.

Emetophobia can be stopped

It may be that the very thought of the risk of you or someone else vomiting, and all the possible consequences of this, is enough to trigger your fear. It may be that thoughts about the sight or the sound of vomiting induce the fear, or thoughts about the physical feeling of nausea, or about the smell of vomit that triggers an attack of your emetophobia. It may be that you have had to deal with this problem all on your own, all your life. And you may well have no idea how this happened to you. What is certain is that this phobia responds well to the correct treatment: sometimes only one session is enough to get rid of this problem for good.

How emetophobia takes over

Almost everyone with this fear develops it whilst being terrified during one or more incidents which involved vomiting. Children can also pick up someone else’s fear of vomiting. Ever afterwards any situation involving vomiting is sufficient to trigger the fear; it has become an automatic, conditioned response.

Fear of the fear

Anyone who suffers a phobic reaction to vomiting will want to prevent it happening again, and the most reliable way that presents itself is to avoid behaviours and situations where vomiting may occur. This can lead to a very limited life style. And it can also mean that thoughts about avoiding vomiting trigger a phobic reaction. Their own imagination can trigger the fear they are trying to avoid.

What will you do to stop my phobia?

A popular approach is to take you back in time to discover the moment when you acquired the phobia, and then help you to feel comfortable with this memory. This approach works for some people, but by no means all. There is a conditioned response to deal with, beyond any conscious control.


Another approach is to gradually expose people to vomiting, starting small and building up. Tolerating this treatment takes a special kind of person.

Hypnotherapy and NLP as an aid to recovery

NLP is an approach that helps you to deal consciously with automatic thoughts and behaviours. NLP has a wide range of techniques for this job, including the ‘fast phobia cure’. This was developed especially for eliminating phobias, and has achieved remarkable success over the years. We use hypnotherapy to effect changes at an unconscious level.


Our strategy is to combine these two approaches, the conscious and the unconscious. The resulting combination is not some off the peg or one-size-fits-all process; the idea is to design a process that is a custom fit for you. And this is then combined with our basic approach of dealing with your problem as it manifests in you today. This provides for a surprisingly rapid method of stopping your phobia.

Some of the triggers for emetophobia

Avoidance behaviour might include

This phobia can impose severe restrictions upon a person’s whole life.

How long will it take to stop my vomit phobia?

On average you will require two or three one-hour sessions to get rid of emetophobia, although some people require only one session. We aim to make it a thing of the past, quickly and easily.