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Overcome the fear of driving

Driving anxiety and treatment with hypnotherapy and NLP

If you have a problem with being in a car, then you need to know you are not alone. Many people with driving fears that interfered with their lives in major ways have come to us for help. There are many different fears associated with of cars and driving, but all of them can be treated. You can overcome your problem, permanently, and probably a lot quicker than you might expect.

Driving fears

There are many different forms of driving phobia and we include a short list of some of the more common problems further down this page. One thing these different forms all share is that vehicles are involved. Another thing that they share is that they involve human behaviours, behaviours that lead to feelings of fear and panic, and these behaviours have been learned. They are of course learned unwittingly and unconsciously.

These learned behaviours have a pattern. Everyone with this kind of problem will have their own individual pattern, and you can rely on your pattern to bring on the usual feelings of fear.

The fear of fear

This is another problem, that of being worried and afraid that the unwanted behaviours will start again soon. And this too has a pattern.

Whatever the reason for the first time you experienced what you later learned to think of as driving phobia, the reason it does not go away is that it has become a part of your unconscious thought processes. It has become a habit. It is difficult to get rid of using conscious tools such as will power.


Hypnotherapy and NLP are ideally suited for working with unconscious thought processes. The two therapies are each of them powerful therapies in their own right, but together they combine and complement each other.

You can learn to use NLP to help you re-pattern your automatic responses. NLP allows you to work very consciously, choosing a more useful response that you prefer.

Hypnotherapy allows communication with your unconscious mind. We use both direct and indirect methods, and the resultant changes in your thought patterns are at a very deep level.

Typical driving fears

Just some of the problems that can make everyday life difficult for those with a driving anxiety:

How long will it take to get rid of my fear?

Although this varies from person to person, the average is between two and four one-hour sessions.