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Fear of dogs

Help for getting rid of the phobia

Dog phobia is a common problem. If your phobic reaction is a severe one then it can be quite limiting because dogs appear to be everywhere. It can also be a worry if you do not want to accidentally pass your problem on to a child. Children can suffer from severe reactions; some children are quite unable to walk to school because of their fear of meeting a dog. Hypnotherapy and NLP can offer well-understood techniques to banish these phobic reactions, quickly and easily.

Acquiring the phobia

There are plenty of opportunities to become afraid of dogs; after all there are lots of them almost everywhere you walk. They can bark suddenly, they can snarl and bite, they are fast moving, and some of them are very big. If you were bitten by a dog, or saw someone attacked by a dog, or maybe even frightened as a child when a dog put its paws on your shoulders to lick your face. Or you may have no idea when or how you became so afraid of dogs.

How to end your dog phobia

Fortunately, the original cause of the fear is not important when it comes to helping you overcome the phobic reaction. Since that first moment when you became afraid, the response to the idea or sight of a dog has become a habit. It is now a conditioned response to dogs that occurs unconsciously, but evokes emotions and fears that become all too conscious. This pattern of emotions and feelings is now causing and maintaining the response. We aim to help you change the pattern, and thus stop the fear forever.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help

Hypnotherapy and NLP offer some powerful techniques developed specifically for ending phobias. One NLP technique, the ‘Phobia Cure’ is well known because of its speed and efficiency when used properly. However, there are other techniques and they often work quickly and easily if ‘the cure’ meets with no success. It is a matter of choosing the best approach for you, and working with you towards the goal of your choice.

Balanced responses

One of the results of using hypnotherapy and NLP is that you become balanced about your response to a dog. Although the irrational fear will no longer be there, you will also find yourself judging if a dog, (perhaps a guard dog or a farm dog) requires caution.

How long will it take for me to get rid of my dog phobia?

Some people manage it in only one session, but on average you may need one or two one-hour sessions to cure this problem for good.


Do please feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a one-to-one appointment at one of our clinics. We are based throughout Leinster, Connaught, Munster and Ulster.

Self Hypnosis To Overcome The Fear Of Dogs

Sometimes, self hypnosis recordings can really help with the fear of dogs. Try Overcome Fear Of Dogs by Steve G. Jones Here. This recording can really help you but you need to listen often and repeatedly to get the full benefit.

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