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Dental phobia and dental fears cured for good

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Fear of the dentist is a very common problem. But if you experience fearful thoughts then you need to know that many people afflicted with this problem have discovered how to get rid of it, and they now treat a visit to the dentist as everyone else does; they can see it is necessary, they tell themselves it won’t take long, and that they will feel much better after the visit. You can learn the secret, easily, for yourself.


Having a dental phobia is understandable. There might be needles, drills, pain and loss of control. Perhaps the dentist will put some object in your mouth and place his hand over your nose as his face looms in close.

There is the embarrassment of the state of your teeth because you hardly ever get them looked after, and the fear of panicking or choking or gagging. The dental surgery itself can be frightening; the sights, the sounds and the smells, it can be all too much like a hospital. Perhaps the anaesthetic will be ineffective, or you might need very extensive treatment.

How is it acquired?

On popular way to acquire a dental phobia is a bad experience as a child. Maybe something did go wrong that day and it really did hurt, or perhaps a member of the dental team said something to upset you, or a close family member who was afraid of dentists accidentally spread their fear across to you.

Some people may have had very bad experiences in other contexts. And now the thought of being touched or having objects in their mouth, or a stranger being very close brings on unbearable memories.

Because going to the dentist is so frightening there is an obvious way to deal with it; don’t go. And so they need more work on their teeth when they do go, which doesn’t help.

What to do about it

Well you probably know all this already. The news is that no matter how you acquired your phobia, it can be resolved easily and rapidly. As you will already have found out for yourself, it is not easy to deal with on your own. So what is the secret?

The clue is in the fact that if you have the phobia then thinking about the dentist will trigger off certain thoughts, emotions and feelings, reliably. You have a reflex action to anything to do with dentistry. It is automatic, and a good description is a behaviour pattern. This pattern of thoughts leads inevitably to the fear, and it is quite automatic. It is as if your own powerful imagination has learned how to frighten you.

Anything a human being does several times becomes an unconscious, automatic habit. A phobia habit involves some very powerful emotions that trigger off your fearful behaviours and it is not easy to deal with this habit using will power because will power is a conscious attribute. 

NLP/Hypnotherapy; the tool to use

The key to success is a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP. These two therapies are used to access the unconscious mind and persuade it to get rid of the unwanted phobic habit. You can use NLP in a highly conscious manner to make big changes to automatic thought patterns. We are there to select the most effective techniques for you, probably including the phobia cure, and to ensure that you use them correctly.

Hypnotherapy is used to communicate with your unconscious and to alter it at a very deep level. Together they form a powerful method of inducing long-term change, rapidly.

How long will this take?

On average it takes only one or two one-hour sessions to be free of this phobia.