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Fear of Crossing Bridges

Get rid of your phobia with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP


It’s all Greek to us – gephyra means bridge, phobos means fear. We won’t use the G-word again, but this is the unique name to identify this amazingly widespread phobia. We will take great pleasure in helping you get rid of your phobia, because it is a particularly unpleasant phobia with many life-restricting consequences. We use fast acting methods, as you will see when you tune in to what we are doing and grasp this opportunity to change your life for good.

The fear of crossing a bridge

Sometimes this fear is related to a fear of heights, sometimes to claustrophobia and the fear of being caught in a situation with no exit. But very often it is a highly specific phobia and relates only to bridges; the fear only occurs when crossing, or when thinking about crossing, a bridge or similar structure. A specific phobia is an intense fear of a particular situation that actually poses little or no danger. Anyone with this problem ‘knows’ there is no danger, but feels and acts as if the danger is real.

How did it start?

The fear is often about you falling from a bridge, or jumping off a bridge. It seems to simply take over, unbidden and unstoppable, whenever there is a bridge to be crossed. This terrible anxiety often starts as a result of a frightening incident involving a bridge, sometime in the past. Perhaps you suddenly realized just how high you were, or perhaps you felt a swaying sensation, or perhaps you even saw someone fall from a bridge, or it may have been something very different. Many people with this problem have long forgotten how it began.


When you first experienced the bridge and the fear your unconscious mind instantly made a connection: ‘bridges are extremely dangerous, be very afraid’. You unknowingly created a conditioned response: an automated pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Your imagination goes into overdrive in order to create the fear that will keep you away from the ‘danger’.

So what can you do to help me stop my phobia?

When it comes to stopping your phobia it does not matter how it started. We deal directly with your conditioned response, and how it manifests itself. We aim to help you break the pattern, and help you to get back in control of your imagination. This directness speeds things up; there is no need to spend hours trying to recover memories of something very unpleasant that you have managed to successfully forget.

A strategy that works for you

We make use of hypnotherapy and NLP and combine them with a direct approach to the problem. You can learn to use some NLP tools developed specifically for phobias, and which are applied by you in a conscious manner. We use hypnotherapy to communicate with your unconscious, making use of direct and indirect suggestion, metaphor and story. There are a variety of tools available for both these approaches and we choose the ones most suited to you and your problem.

Signs and symptoms of specific phobias such as this

These can include some or all of the following:

How long will it take to stop my fear of crossing bridges?

We usually expect to deal with this in a single one-hour session, although some times it can take two or more sessions. We always aim to get improvements as quickly as possible.