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Treatments for the fear of cats

Cat phobia

Cats have lived alongside humans often as pets for at least ten thousand years and they are everywhere as anyone who has a phobia of cats will be only too well aware. If you have a strong phobia of cats then it can impose serious restrictions on your life. The fear of these animals is quite widespread, but most people are completely unaware of how many are affected by it.

How it starts

Like all phobias, your cat phobia can best be described as a conditioned response. It was probably picked up earlier in your life, quite accidentally and unknowingly, during a distressing incident involving you and a cat, or a kitten. Another way to acquire this phobia is through learning from someone else. If, when you were a child, someone became terrified of a cat in your presence, then seeing the fear and hearing the distress and feeling the panic could have been enough to set up a phobic response.

Searching for a solution

It is possible, after a lot of work, to uncover the actual event that triggered off your phobia of these animals. This will not necessarily be of any practical use to you because usually knowing how it started makes no difference to the phobic response. Fortunately, stopping the problem does not depend on knowing when and how you acquired the fear.

Automatic patterns

Your phobic response is an automatic, unconscious pattern of thoughts and feelings. It can be relied on to produce the response and it always does the same things to achieve this result. This automated thought pattern is the key, and that is why we always aim to deal directly with the way your mind maintains and presents the fear today.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP to stop the phobia of cats for good

There are specific NLP and hypnotherapy techniques that are known to have effectively reconditioned the phobic response in case after case. Using these techniques and working directly with the problem usually leads to a rapid, easy solution because you can rapidly unlearn the response using the techniques that are appropriate to you.


You can learn to use NLP to bring the phobic response into conscious awareness and change the automatic response that was responsible for the phobic effect. We use hypnotherapy to work with the unconscious mind using suggestion and metaphor. Together the two combine to form a powerful tool for removing or changing unwanted automatic patterns.

How long will it take to stop my cat phobia?

We expect to resolve the fear of cats in one one-hour session in most cases. Occasionally it may take an extra session.


Please feel free to contact us to help us to help you resolve the fear of cats. We also deal with fears and phobias of other animals and pets. We have clinics throughout Leinster, Connaught, Munster, and Ulster

Self Hypnosis Recordings For Cat Phobia

Sometimes, self hypnosis recordings can really help. Try Self Help For Phobia and Self Help for Fear at www.selfhelprecordings.com. Both can really help you.

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