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Overcome Agoraphobia

Help and treatment using hypnotherapy and NLP

This is regarded as one of the most devastating of phobias. Although the severity of the symptoms can come and go, and can vary in intensity between sufferers, many people become housebound in a desperate attempt to avoid all the places and situations that might trigger an attack.

We have worked successfully with many people affected by this problem and this means you can start to think about resolving this problem. You can get rid of the problem completely, although some people settle for a huge reduction in severity of symptoms.


Agoraphobia is not a description that is restricted to a fear of open spaces. It includes fears relating to crowds, public spaces, shops, and travelling alone in buses, trains, ferries or planes. The need for a means of rapid escape to somewhere safe, such as home, can dominate your thoughts.

Another aspect to agoraphobia is the fear of the fear; being afraid that another attack will start. This in itself can be powerful enough to trigger an attack.

Starting Agoraphobia

There are many theories of how this problem can begin to affect someone. But however the problem started, you are probably more interested in how to put an end to it.

Ending Agoraphobia

Well, talking about it probably won’t help you. Going back in time and trying to remember how it started probably won’t help you. Someone analysing it and finding some deep meaning to it all probably won’t help you. In fact, sometimes these activities can make it worse.

The answer must come out of dealing with what is maintaining the problem: the powerful thoughts that always result in you experiencing the dreadful feelings of agoraphobia. These thoughts are not only powerful, they are reliable; they are always there.

Patterns and re-patterning

The thoughts have two important aspects: they are powerful and dominating; they are habitual and have a pattern. If you are not thinking about agoraphobia then the thoughts have no power. If you can learn how to re-pattern your thoughts so that whenever the old panicky thoughts start then immediately you switch to other, more useful thoughts, then your problem is gone.

Hypnotherapy and NLP

We help people recover from agoraphobia by making use of a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. We find that these two therapies complement each other, resulting in rapid and permanent change.

You can learn to employ some well-understood NLP techniques to re-pattern your habitual thoughts that led to agoraphobia. We are there with you to ensure you get it right, and to select tools that are most likely to help your individual case. You can use NLP techniques in a highly conscious manner, but the aim is to alter the underlying, unconscious thought patterns.

We use hypnotherapy to communicate with you unconsciously. We use direct methods such as suggestion and we also use indirect methods such as metaphor and story. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, enabling your unconscious mind to make profound changes to the way you see the world, the things you say to yourself about what is going on, and the way you hold firmly to reality.


These can include:

How long will it take me to recover?

Because of the direct approach to the problem, and the effectiveness of NLP/Hypnotherapy, most people need only an average of between two to four one-hour sessions.