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Weight control - Help from NLP/Hypnotherapy

No matter if you simply want to move to a healthier bodyweight, or if you have a problem such as compulsive overeating or comfort eating, NLP/Hypnotherapy can help you. You can learn how to transform weight control into a natural part of your life, so that you simply find yourself doing the right things for yourself as you move towards your healthy weight.

Thought patterns

This is not about an amazing slimming plan or a new wonder diet; this is about changing how you connect with food. We all have habitual thoughts, one idea always leading to the next idea to the next idea; they build up into a pattern of behaviours. If you are having trouble with your diet and controlling your weight then you most likely have a pattern that stops you reaching your goal.

We are all creatures of habit, almost all our actions are habitual, and so whatever your problem with weight control it is to do with habit patterns.


You can learn how to re-pattern your association with food and drink so that you automatically do things that will move you to your healthy weight, and then maintain that weight.

You can have a totally new way of relating to food, involving four rules: eat whatever you want; eat as much as you want; eat slowly and savour the food: eat whenever you want. There is a trick of course; as a result of the re-patterning you want to eat the right amount of the right food at the right time, it comes naturally and you enjoy doing it because it is what you want to do.

I know where I’m going…

And if you know what the right food is and what the right amount is then you must have a good idea of how you want to look and feel, and you must also know what your healthy weight is. Without that information you don’t know where you are going.

So, in addition to re-patterning, we help you to acquire a new habit, one of focusing on where you are going, one of keeping a clear, firm idea about how you are going to arrive at your healthy weight and how you will maintain that weight.

Setting goals

People who are successful with controlling how much they weigh focus on what they want and how to get there. Their thoughts tend to be on the lines of “Yes, that’s how I want to look” or “I’m getting nearer and nearer to my real size”. They are goal-orientated (not fat-orientated).

People who find that they do not succeed with controlling their diet tend to be more aware of what they don’t want, to be very aware of the past and to be aware of how it is at the present time. Thoughts such as “Why do I always fail to keep to my diet?” or “I wish I were not so fat” are forever recurring. And these thoughts keep you trapped in old, unsuccessful ways of being.

An important aspect of what we do is that you learn how to set up your goals, and how to move towards them easily.

Weight control – the facts

To reach and maintain a desirable, healthy weight you need:


We use NLP/Hypnotherapy to make this an effortless, instinctive process. You can make some important changes to your thought patterns using conscious processes from NLP. And we can help you alter some very deep patterns with the use of some hypnotic techniques, both direct and indirect, such as suggestion, story and metaphor.

So we work on your weight control at many levels, both consciously and unconsciously, to enable you to acquire new eating patterns that suit you personally. And you won’t need scales, tape measures, or calorie counters; you map your success as you find yourself needing smaller and smaller clothes.

How long will all this take?

Individual needs vary a great deal, but most people take between three and six one-hour sessions to get their new direction firmly established.