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This page leads you to specific pages on a number of food related issues. In addition to the links below, we also give treatments, therapy and help to those with such problems as eating too much comfort food, or junk food, or those suffering from conditions such as night eating syndrome.

Anorexia Nervosa
Many food related problems can be resolved quite quickly. This is usually not the case, however, with anorexia nervosa and it is best that you know this from the outset. However, the combinations of hypnotherapy and NLP that we utilise in the treatment of anorexia can be extremely effective. For a start, we don’t bother going over the past to find out why you are anorexic. We work with you, very directly, to train your mind to get in control of your imagination. It may take up to ten sessions, though we would expect to show useful differences early in the treatment.
Binge Eating Disorder
Binge eating disorder is usually fairly direct and straightforward to treat. Like all our work, it is not really ‘therapy’ and is best considered as ‘training’. Training, that is, for your mind to get in control of those automated behaviours. As with all of these ‘eating disorders’ we do strongly advise that you seek the advice of a professional, qualified nutritionist before working with is. It is almost invariably the case, however, that people with these sorts of problems know stacks about nutrition, they just can’t seem to apply their knowledge to themselves. We will train you HOW to do this.
Bulimia Nervosa
The eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa will often respond remarkably quickly to the repatterning, reconditioning methods of NLP and hypnotherapy. Even those who have ‘done’ bulimia, multiple times a day, for years, will often respond quickly to these approaches. Bulimia, in essence, is not complicated. Our work involves you learning to stop ‘planning’ to do bulimia (that is, thinking you are going to do it ahead of time). We don’t care where the problem started, or when, or why. Because however it began it became a habit, a habituated pattern of thinking that gave rise to the feelings that gave rise to the behaviour. Contact us now to sort bulimia nervosa for good.
Weight Control
Diets don’t work. You know that, you have probably been on many a diet, on and off, for years. Those people who lose huge amounts of weight in relatively short periods of time, you know, the ones on the front of diet magazines and featured in newspapers, have one thing in common. At some point in their lives they looked at their situation and got so totally, utterly and completely fed up (literally) with themselves that something inside them snapped and they became utterly determined, usually completely bloody minded, to lose their excess weight. This approach works, for a very few. What we do is something else, something much easier. We work to reprogram your thinking so that you are more in control of your thoughts, to make it an easy and smooth experience for you to eat more slowly, savouring the food, to stop eating when you are full, and to find yourself drawn towards healthier and healthier food (in exactly the same way you have been drawn towards eating too much of the ‘wrong’ foods). This isn’t about going on a new diet; this is a strategy for life. This isn’t therapy, it is training. The number of sessions you will vary according to your circumstances but you can be sure of one thing. We won’t be talking about the past and why you eat badly. Who cares? The important thing is where you are going, not where you have been. Call us to find out more.