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Anorexia nervosa – Help and treatments to stop doing anorexia, permanently

You can move out of danger, leaving your anorexia behind

Someone suffering with anorexia nervosa, anorexia for short, may well have bodies so lacking in nutrients they are close to death and their families, friends and medical staff are afraid they will die, but they themselves may well be afraid of putting on weight and becoming fat.
People with anorexia are driven by their thoughts to do this to themselves. Help with dealing with these thoughts and helping them be more flexible in their thoughts, feelings and behaviours is usually all they need.
Once you start to feel better about yourself and you get tuned in to the present moment then your view may well change.

The cycles of behaviour

People affected by anorexia nervosa have certain ideas and feelings about themselves. These ideas lead them into behaviours to do with avoiding being ‘overweight’. Each time they feel, think, and behave in this specialised way it becomes to feel more and more as part of them. Each time they go round this cycle of behaviour it is amplified, again and again, until they find themselves trapped.

Breaking the cycles of behaviour

We can help you break out of this cycle by applying techniques to alter the anorexia patterns. We can show you literally how to think differently; by paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. We can also help you build flexibility and choice into your behaviours and thoughts.

We use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help you choose how to respond to events and thoughts.
Hypnotherapy is used to help you associate into times in your life when you were feeling confident and relaxed, and then import these resources into the times when anorexic behaviour would have been the expected result.

When the cycle is broken

The anorexic behaviour cycle, driven by automated thinking patterns, is self-sustaining. However, once the patterns have been interrupted the behaviours cease to be relevant. You can now decide what is important in your life, and how to live it. People who have broken the cycle find themselves moving towards a natural good health.


Three things must be true for you to be diagnosed as suffering from anorexia nervosa.

Some points

How long will it take me to stop doing anorexia nervosa?

Not all that long; most people can be helped by eight or ten sessions. Some people have made significant moves away from this dangerous habit after only one or two sessions. And occasionally we meet someone for whom this treatment does not work.