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Stop using cocaine - for good

You can stop using cocaine

We have been able to help many different kinds of people to stop taking this drug. Some were occasional users, some had lost everything because of their habit.
If you want to stop for good then you can do what they did, and perhaps be just as surprised at how easy it was.
You may feel a little uneasy about claims that stopping a cocaine habit can be easy, and it may not sound right to you, but if you read on you will see that NLP/Hypnotherapy can offer a way out of this kind of drug abuse.

How can you stop my habit?

The most important question is ‘Do you want to stop?’ If you want to stop, then we can help you to stop.
You are probably reading this because you have decided ‘That’s enough. No more coke.’ And you have probably decided this many times already and then got drawn into using it again, either through circumstances or because of a desire to experience the high. Though some of our clients had used so much coke for so long that they no longer experienced a high.
Obviously, if we can help you lose the craving for the rush and help you overcome the circumstances dragging you back into using it, then a lot of the job has been done.

NLP/Hypnotherapy to help you to recondition your mind

At one time, using cocaine must have seemed a good idea to you. Then it became a habit, a serious habit. Learned behaviour requires thought to trigger the behaviour; so you have developed some habitual thoughts. It is this aspect of a habit that enables NLP and Hypnotherapy to be used as useful tools in the process of ending your addiction to this drug.
The aim is to alter the automated processes of thinking, feeling and behaving which have resulted in your cocaine addiction. You can learn how to re-pattern your automated thought processes, and get new, desired behaviour as a result.
There is no attempt to go on long searches for meaning; instead there is a focus on what is going on right now and on how to effect a rapid, painless change. If the idea of a process that feels good even as you change rings the right bells for you, then you may well be starting to look forward to doing something about it.


Some points about addiction and recovery

How long will it take for me to get rid of my habit?

The average number of one-hour sessions required is only two or three sessions. This is made possible by the combined use of NLP and Hypnotherapy. It is important to be aware that despite our successes we cannot offer a guarantee; there are occasions when the treatments and therapy that we offer does not solve the problem.