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Help with OCD

Treating obsessive compulsive disorder with NLP/Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from what is labelled as OCD then you have almost certainly tried everything you know to stop it. You may well have tried different therapies, and failed to get the result you need.

We have helped many people to recover from this problem and to enjoy the whole of life again. We can help you discover a better future, where all your thoughts ring true and you have a firm grasp of things.

What is OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a label that has been attached to a pattern of thinking that repeats itself over and over. The thoughts lead predictably to feelings, and then to routine behaviours. Unfortunately, if you do suffer from a repeating thought pattern then the label somehow seems to get applied to you; you are an ‘obsessive’, or ‘it’s in your genes’.

We are not our thoughts; we are aware of them. And it is possible to change them. Every now and then we all do. You may occasionally have noticed yourself thinking about something and deciding ‘that’s enough’ and start thinking of something else. The trouble with persistent thoughts is that they persist, they do not go away in response to the usual controls we all use. And those persistent thoughts get described as OCD. But there are ways for you to get rid of them.

There are many variants of OCD Anxiety that respond to our help

Some people have repeating thoughts, thoughts they describe as bad. In this case they suffer repetitive thoughts and bad feelings.

Some people are intensely aware of the possible dangers of disease, and will do anything to protect themselves or their loved ones from danger. They may have to clean their hands thoroughly over and over until they bleed. Or they have to clean kitchen surfaces until they are spotless, and then do it again to make sure.

Some people have anxiety about things going wrong and have to check the gas tap repeatedly before leaving the house, or perhaps have to go back to the car and check they locked it, two or three times or more.

And some people keep doing something physical, perhaps clicking a ballpoint or foot tapping.

Those repetitive thoughts are a result of your imagination. We help you stop the thoughts by showing you how to get your imagination working for you instead of producing thoughts that work against you.

We often find it effective to show you how to easily be aware of the difference between ‘real’ thoughts and ‘imaginary’ thoughts.

In our experience all patterns of OCD can be helped.

How is it done?

We use a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy.

NLP can be used to help you change repetitive thinking at a conscious level. Once it has been changed the new thoughts replace the old repetitive stuff automatically.

Hypnotherapy is used to re-pattern the thought process at a deeply unconscious level, producing permanent changes.


The symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can include:

How long will it take to get rid of my OCD?

By using NLP/Hypnotherapy we find the treatment requires only three or four hour-long sessions as an average guide. Individual circumstances do vary, so please talk to us in advance.