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Stop biting your nails - for good

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you

If you have had enough of nail-biting, of hiding your hands, wearing artificial nails or of simply feeling bad about being unable to control this long term habit, then you need to know what hypnotherapy and NLP can offer you. You can be one of the growing numbers who discovered they could beat this habit easily and quickly, and as a result grew healthy, good-looking nails that are good to touch.

Can affect anyone

One study of this problem showed that it is widespread and can affect anyone of any age. About 50% of under-18 year olds bite their nails, and about 25% of 18 – 22 year olds. Only 10% of men over 30 have this habit.

Some people who do it report that they think it might be to relieve stress, or boredom or an idle moment. A lot of people learned to do it as a child, watching others doing it. Some people develop this habit into something quite painful, biting the cuticle and even causing bleeding. Some very similar habits are finger picking and nail tearing.

Beyond awareness

Most people who bite nails find that they often do it whilst completely unaware of what they are doing; it has become an unconscious habit. As with a lot of habitual behaviours, will power and conscious decision-making are often of no benefit.

You may well feel ashamed of the unbecoming condition of your nails. Or you may even start to feel ashamed of yourself, believing that others see it as a sign of weakness or inadequacy. Those who start to think this way may develop a new habit, one of keeping their hands out of sight; some even develop a way of shaking hands that allows them to keep their nails out of sight.

Stopping the thoughts

The key to stopping a nail biting habit is to work on the habit. To bite your nails you have to be thinking about doing it. And not all thoughts are the subject of conscious awareness, they can occur unconsciously. Which is why someone can become suddenly aware that they are biting their nails again.

If you stop these thoughts, or have them turn into more useful thoughts, then you do not bite your nails. The one thing all those who do not have this habit have in common is that they never think about doing it….

Dealing with your thoughts allows your nails to recover their shining good health, tapping wood might not necessarily bring luck but it will be solid and clear.

NLP/Hypnotherapy can help

We use both NLP and hypnotherapy to assist someone to stop biting their nails. The two therapies complement each other synergistically, they become fast and powerful.

NLP has some very useful techniques that you can use to conquer your habitual thought patterns, consciously changing them for more useful thinking habits. Hypnotherapy is used to communicate both directly and indirectly with your unconscious, enabling you to learn new ways to care for your nails.


Some of the signs and symptoms that some people experience are:

Nail biting facts

How long will it take me to finally stop?

Because of the combined effect of blending NLP and hypnotherapy you can expect to complete the job in one or possibly two one-hour sessions.