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How to Stop Compulsive Lying

Help from hypnotherapy and NLP

If you suffer from compulsive lying then you may already know that it can cost you friends, jobs, and marriages. Help is available; you can learn how to leave this harmful way of life behind. And people report that doing this increases self-respect.

Everybody lies sometimes, for what seems to them good reason. Some people do a lot of lying; they do it deliberately, as it suits their purposes. And some people lie in excess, they know not why, but they cannot stop doing it. This is known as compulsive lying. And anyone who does this finds that can be very difficult to stop.

Why should anyone lie?

  1. Fear: that the truth means someone will be hurt.

  3. Doing by example: seeing someone else get away with it can lead to trying it for oneself.

  5. Lying will get you what you want, the truth won’t.

  7. Truth can be uncomfortable: lying feels good.

  9. Continuing fear: if fear is always present and lying is necessary then lying can become a habit.

Reason number five why compulsive lying is often learned in childhood. And of course, if you tell a lie and are afraid of being discovered then this fear can lead to more lies, and a habit. So it could be acquired later than in childhood.

A cycle of behaviours

No matter how it starts people who lie compulsively find that one benefit is that it stops them feeling bad, at the time. Later they regret the lie and feel bad about themselves. And then fear takes over and they lie again.

A pattern of behaviours is established: fear; lying; regret; fear; lying … This compulsive cycle can be  very powerful, and for a very good reason. Any behaviour that occurs often enough becomes habituated; it becomes a habit and as such any thoughts driving this behaviour are taken into the unconscious, outside of conscious awareness.

Relying on habits

We rely on habits to get things done quickly and reliably. Anyone using will power in an attempt to control the lying is using part of consciousness to control an unconscious habit. Habits usually win.

The use of a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP can help you break up this cycle you are caught up in. Once this loop is powerless then you are free to build up a new way of being, where you treat the truth and falsehood in the same way others do. And as a side effect you feel so much better about yourself. Your new viewpoint begins to sound better as you come to grips with staying with the truth and reality.

Changing habits

NLP is a tool you can use to tackle the thoughts that manifest themselves in your consciousness, and you apply the NLP techniques in a conscious manner. We are there to guide you and ensure that you apply the techniques correctly. Although the method is applied consciously it affects your unconscious thoughts, and can destroy unwanted habits for good.

We use hypnotherapy to help you to change your outlook at a deep level. We may make use of both direct and indirect methods, according to individual need. Direct methods include such tools as suggestion. Indirect methods include metaphor and story.

NLP/Hypnotherapy and rapid change

We find that this combination is particularly effective, and used as part of our strategy of dealing directly with the problem as it manifests itself in your mind leads to rapid changes.  Whilst this kind of help can be viewed as therapy, we regard our treatments more as training for the mind.

How long will this take for me to stop lying?

Individual cases vary, but usually a resolution is achieved after two or three one-hour sessions.