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Stop Wedding Nerves

Start enjoying yourself

So you are going to get married and now find yourself worrying about the big day? You are not alone; lots of people do this. But if the worry is getting on top of you, and is threatening to spoil things, then it is time to do something about it. You can stop doing wedding nerves and instead look forward to an exciting, important day in your life. The help you can get from hypnotherapy and NLP can quickly shift you into a far more resourceful state.

Getting married and getting worried

There are at least three ways for wedding nerves to threaten to spoil this significant moment. The bride or the groom, or perhaps both together, can get really worried. And this might be days, weeks, months or sometimes even years before. The worry can become a dominant part of thinking about the wedding.

After all, there are many possible aspects to worry about. There are all the advance preparations, the families, the guests and the presents. There are lots of family expectations to meet, and there is a need for everything to go perfectly as planned.

There might be the fear of looking silly in front of all those people, or the fear of having to make a speech, or the fear of not being able to speak when it is time for the vows.

Having wedding nerves seems quite predicable really. And it is not just the bride and groom: the best man and the bride’s father or other significant family members might be worried about their role and how they might get it wrong on the day.

Learn to relax and enjoy

Fortunately, you can learn to think very differently. You can learn ways to acquire a better perspective, ways of thinking that resonate with you, as you get in touch with all your resources and find the symptoms of stress and anxiety simply fading away. We can help you to do this, easily and rapidly, with a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP.

How you can look forward to the big day

NLP provides you with a way of dealing with habitual thoughts, the ones that are bringing you the nerves, in a very conscious way. We assist you to use the techniques correctly and we use our experience to select which NLP techniques are the right ones for you.

Hypnotherapy is used to communicate with your unconscious mind, and can bring about major changes at a very deep level. We use both direct and indirect methods, as circumstances change.

NLP and hypnotherapy

The combination of NLP and hypnotherapy provides for a mix of both conscious and unconscious approaches, smoothing the road to speedy and permanent change.

Panic attacks and related problems

We have been talking so far about worries concerning the big day. There are other possible problems, and they may require dealing with quite separately to any discussion about wedding day nerves.

If someone is having nightmares or crying all the time or experiencing serious panic symptoms then they need to have a good look at what is going on and whether they are making the right decision.

If this applies to you, then we are skilled at creating a space for you to review your life and making decisions, all without any attempt to influence you in any way. Please ring us to discuss your options if you need help in this way.

How long will it take for me to stop my wedding nerves?

We find that these problems usually take between one to three one-hour sessions to resolve, depending on individual needs.

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