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Social anxiety and social phobia

If you are affected by social phobia then you will be well aware of the continuous dread of being watched (and judged) by others that is the core of this problem. It can have serious consequences; overwhelming anxiety can occur in almost any social situation.

The good news is that there are ways to stop social anxiety for once and for all. Use of a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP means that you can enjoy all that life offers once again. You can look forward to events you used to dread and even as you tell yourself how much easier things are you might notice how good it feels to have a grip on life.

The core of the problem

If social anxiety affects you then the consequences are that you become overwhelmingly anxious and very self-conscious in normal social situations. It is accompanied by fears; a severe, relentless, and constant fear of being observed and judged by others, and an equally strong fear of doing something that will embarrass you.

This phobia is responsible for a huge range and variety of symptoms, and there seem to be many ways of acquiring and developing the phobia. Because of these factors we cannot know, right now, exactly which approaches will work for you, nor can we tell which strategies and techniques will prove most useful for you.

How to help

But we do know that the one thing we will not be doing is wasting time delving into the past in an attempt to discover what ‘caused’ the problem. It is obviously true to say that somehow you ‘learned’ how to feel so anxious. You learned accidentally and unconsciously, and you probably learned very quickly.

The fastest and surest way to clear up these kinds of fears is to be very direct. We help you to ‘unlearn’ these anxieties and find a different way to think, one that allows you to take back control of your imagination, rather than your imagination continuing to control you.

Things that work that you can do

At the moment you have a pattern of behaviours, a pattern that reliably results in the phobic symptoms. This pattern, and the way it manifests in consciousness, is where to start. Using hypnotherapy and NLP we simply help you to change the way that you think.

You can learn how to direct your mind, rather than be carried away by internal, anxiety raising ‘movies’ provided by your imagination. You can learn how to silence the internal dialogue that insistently raises your anxiety levels; the silence is blissful. And the anxious feelings you have had are replaced by a feeling of centredness. The pattern has been broken, replaced by something altogether more useful.

Hypnotherapy and NLP

These two tools work in a complementary manner, combining to become a very effective way to achieve the changes you are seeking. One is used to communicate with the unconscious mind, directly and indirectly, and the other allows for conscious ways for you to make these changes. Consciousness and unconsciousness are both involved in changes that are rapid and long lasting.


The phobia can be limited in extent to just one type of situation, or it can include almost all social situations.

The symptoms someone experiences can include:

How long will it take to stop my social anxiety?

Because of the huge variation in how people experience this kind of problem we cannot say exactly how many sessions it will take, but we can say that we aim to make a noticeable difference as quickly as possible. Most people require between two and four one-hour sessions to complete the treatment.