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Low Self Esteem

We can help you to restore your self-esteem using NLP/Hypnotherapy

You can get a new perspective on life and find out how to tell yourself about this as you grasp new ways to improve your ideas about yourself. We see many people with this kind of problem; like them you can quickly make permanent changes and allow yourself to become aware of your real self worth.

First things first

In order to help you we first need to ask you more about your self-esteem problems. Self-esteem has many different meanings and connotations. The kind of areas we often help with are listed below. A quick glance through will show you the widespread symptoms we have learned to deal with.

Once you are sure that we have a more accurate idea of what low self-esteem means to you we can then move onto other important matters such as what you would prefer to feel like when you have got rid of the problems.

The problems are not the problem

The problem is how to enable you to think differently, and to help you to change how you think. Whatever you think about influences what happens to you. If you are in a shopping mall and thinking of nothing else but of how much you hate the loud music coming out of the fashion shops, then you are sure to notice little else. You might even get a headache from the noise.

You can’t notice any pleasant sounds, and the occasional oasis of silence, unless you are thinking about them and searching for them. It is the same for everything; we can’t go anywhere unless we are thinking about going there. So one of our targets is to enable you to think about what you want, and to motivate yourself to get it.

There are other things to do. You may well be very good at criticizing yourself; most people with self-esteem problems excel at this. Many people have a range of voice tones ranging from mildly critical through to despair and panic. We work with you on your self-talk, and as you learn how to take control of your inner dialogue so you start to feel better about yourself.

The past is past

We do not take a counselling approach. We want to have appreciation of your past, but we work with the thought patterns that come into your consciousness. We find that dealing with these automatically resolves the burden of the past.

We use NLP and hypnotherapy to help you resolve your problems. The thinking styles and the thought patterns can be resolved at the conscious level and the unconscious level. We show you how to use conscious NLP techniques to change unconscious patterns. We use hypnotherapy to work directly and indirectly, and unconsciously, on deep patterns of thought.

How long will it take for me to raise my self-esteem?

As a general guide it usually takes two or three one-hour sessions, but in more complex cases it may occupy up to six sessions. Some people manage it in one session. We always do our best to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.