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Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Hypnotherapy/NLP for effective help

PTSD can develop if you have been exposed to a physical or emotional ordeal, in which grave harm was threatened. Combat situations, accidents, disasters and personal assault are the most likely events to set the condition going.

There are some very effective methods of removing this condition; you can find out how to begin to look to a future free of its effects and obtain tangible relief .

Stress as a pattern

If you always think about your trauma, and you always think about it in a particular way, then you will find it always affects you in the same way, with the same thoughts and feelings and behaviours. And the way that you think of the problem makes it certain that you will think about it again – with the same results. A pattern is established that guarantees PTSD.

If you could find a new way to think about it, a way that does not have the stressful effect on you, then different thoughts, feelings and behaviours would result. And this would break the pattern – it would be gone.

It can be done. You can learn how to re-educate your thinking about the trauma, and get the same result that some achieve only after many years: a new perspective and new emotions and feelings.

Foundations of the treatment

Workers in the NLP field studied people who had recovered from PTSD, people with expertise in recovery. This study revealed effective ways to think that neutralized PTSD.

These same workers also studied exceptional therapists, and developed effective methods to teach others how to change their thinking to ways that work. So that someone with a recent trauma could come to terms with events in the same way as someone who has taken years to shake off the PTSD.


The use of hypnotherapy and NLP are the key to this approach. There is no time spent going over the past, and no talking about the worst aspects. We show you how to train yourself to think differently; we deal with how the problem manifests itself and how it can be overcome. It is painless.

Hypnotherapy is used to communicate with the unconscious mind, and we use both direct and indirect methods to encourage shifts in thinking at a deep level. NLP is used to enable you to do conscious work on changing how you think about the trauma. Together NLP and hypnotherapy provide for a gentle, rapid way to achieve permanent results.


These can include:

How long will it take to deal with my PTSD?

This can vary according to your circumstances. We aim to make a noticeable difference as soon as possible. On average people need only three or four one-hour sessions, due to the use of NLP/Hypnotherapy.