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Conquering interview nerves/anxiety

Help with hypnotherapy and NLP

Interviews seem to crop up all over the place; jobs, promotion, performance review, flat sharing, university selection. If you suffer from interview nerves or anxiety then this can stop you performing at your best, and even stop you achieving your goals.

There are ways to help you to get rid of these nerves and look forward confidently to your next interview, grasping the opportunity and making sure your voice is heard.

Finding a way out

Many people experience worry and apprehension weeks ahead of the event, losing much-needed sleep and rest. Their imagination runs riot as they see themselves tongue-tied and embarrassed at the interview. This means you arrive feeling tired and stressed and ‘knowing’ that it will all go wrong; no wonder if it does all go wrong, but very often it goes well.

No matter if you had a particularly bad interview once, or whether you dreaded even your first interview, there are ways to help you flourish in interviews. By learning how to use your conscious mind in productive ways, rather than inventing future disasters and by reconditioning the unconscious responses to the interview situation you can leave your interview anxiety and nerves behind – old history.

Hypnotherapy and NLP

We use NLP to introduce you to new things for your conscious mind to do instead of dwelling on old ideas of disaster; ways of thinking that free you up and allow you to reveal your real worth. You can learn to change your whole attitude to interviews.

We make use of hypnotherapy to re-pattern your unconscious responses to interviews at a deep level. We may use direct methods such as suggestion, or indirect methods like metaphor and story. Details will vary according to your particular needs.

This deployment of two different therapies, addressing both the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind, offers a way of producing rapid and permanent change.

Planning the future

There is a great deal of useful information out there about preparing for an interview: preparing for questions; preparing your own questions; the night before; the journey; and lots more. Hopefully you have taken in all this advice; it obviously works - except the bit about how to calm your nerves.

However, with NLP and hypnotherapy you can now do all the practical work and you can also use your imagination in productive ways as you think about your forthcoming meeting and how you can use it to your advantage.

What you learn to do is to take all the resourceful states from other areas of your life and map this resulting confidence across to an area that is in need of it.

How long will it take to overcome my interview nerves?

The deployment of hypnotherapy and NLP means that we expect you to require only one or two one-hour sessions.