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This page is will lead you to several specific topics related to ‘anxiety’. Please follow the links for more detailed information.
Our page telling you how we help people with general anxiety disorder.
Problems with excessive blushing are often dealt with quickly and easily. This kind of difficulty, as with many other issues, is basically caused by the ‘fear of blushing’, that is, the person imagines a situation in advance where typically they would blush, they imagine being anxious, thereby unwittingly programming the blushing response. When you are trained not to imagine you will blush in future situations, the blushing response becomes minimised.
Exam Nerves
Human beings of all ages can be prone to stress, anxiety and nerves when it comes to taking formal examinations. This page is for you if you are a schoolchild, a university student, or an adult in further education who is prone to feeling nervous about exams. The better you feel the better you will perform…
Interview Nerves
Many totally competent people let themselves down in interview situations because that fear of being ‘on the spot’ makes it difficult for them to think straight and they fail to get a job or a promotion that they are fully qualified and capable to do. Don’t let this happen to you.
Panic Attacks
Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks as they are sometimes called, can be utterly debilitating. By using specific combinations of NLP and hypnotherapy we aim to rapidly and easily repattern these fears to make you free of them for good.
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Sadly, some people go through very traumatic incidents and find themselves locked in seemingly hopeless loops of thinking that make it very difficult for them to get on with their lives. Rather than counsel you about the trauma, we work to train your mind to give you the kind of perspective and distance from your thoughts that will enable you to move forwards.
Self Confidence
Our page on improving self confidence.
Self Esteem
Feel much better about yourself and how you measure up to your peers.
Social Phobia
Social phobia can be cured by Hypnotherapy and NLP, see this page for details.
Wedding Nerves
Look forward to your big day and put your nerves and anxieties behind you.