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Exam stress management

Help from hypnotherapy and NLP

Do you study and work hard to prepare for an exam, only to find that despite learning all the information, understanding the subject, integrating this with other knowledge and everyone expecting you to do well, you let yourself down on the day?

Exam nerves can ruin a year’s work. You can learn how to change all this. You then find yourself looking forward to the chance to show how well you can perform and as you think about the exam you find phrases like “I know I’m going to do my best” running through your mind, and you simply feel good about the whole thing.

Turning stress around

The trouble with learning to manage stress is that this involves accepting that the stress will be there and can only be reduced. Our idea of exam stress management is to turn the stress into something you enjoy.

Exam anxiety does not just affect someone on the day. It can build up over the months, affecting sleep and study and every other aspect of life. Sometimes the reason for the stress is a previous bad experience in an exam, or there may be external factors that play a part.

Transform your approach

Our aim in getting rid of your fear of exams is for you to learn how to change your approach so that you feel much more at ease in the run up. You learn how to focus and absorb the information in your studies, and become more able to discuss all the aspects under review.

Another facility you can learn is how to treat the exam as a performance, and how to go into a flow state that where you easily access the information needed, see what is required, get the arguments right and work fluidly towards your result.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Change

We use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP to help you to transform your attitude to exams. NLP has tools that are effective at removing (completely) any stress caused by a previous bad experience.

Study of high performers and how they think about a performance, modelling their techniques and developing ways to pass this information on are also a part of NLP.
NLP is a tool you can apply in a conscious manner to effect permanent change in habits of thought.

Hypnotherapy addresses your unconscious mind, and has both direct and indirect approaches that we can deploy as we help you to change. It can access very deep levels of unconsciousness.

How long will all this take me?

On average the work occupies between one and three one-hour sessions, depending on your particular circumstances. The use of NLP/Hypnotherapy and our direct approach to the problem account for how we can save you a lot of time.

Perform at your best by contacting one of our clinics throughout Leinster, Connaught, Munster, and Ulster, and make problems with exams a thing of the past, for good.