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Help for building up your self-confidence and esteem

When we talk about a lack of confidence or low self esteem there are a whole range of experiences that may be involved, from shyness to severe anxiety. Fortunately, if you want to build your self-confidence then the most effective ways will get you there no matter which variant is troubling you.

No matter how you acquired this sense of a lack of self esteem, the really important aspect is how you maintain this lack, or in other words what are you not doing to feel confident.

Changing behaviours

We all have thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They are connected; the way we think affects our behaviours. If you were to change your behaviours in a useful way then the result would be a feeling of confidence. So the work involves a change in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

If you are used to feeling unconfident then you have a pattern of thoughts and behaviours that can be relied on to get you what you do not want. What is needed is not so much therapy as training. It can be seen as an education, as teaching your brain to think in new, flexible ways.

Self-training for self-confidence

Many of the tools we use are derived from studying people with high self-esteem, finding out what they do to enable them to stay resourceful and flexible in any situation. We work with you to show you how to use your imagination in new ways. You experience taking control of your imagination and training yourself to think in ways that bring you more self-confidence.

Breaking the pattern

You find out how to break, or interrupt, the old patterns of thought and substitute new ways of behaving. Some of this will become part of a new pattern of automatic thought and some may be techniques that you can use in specific situations. You learn to build flexibility into your thinking.

After applying these techniques you can check out how well you have grasped the details; listen to the way you now talk to yourself, and notice how different it looks from your new standpoint.

NLP and hypnotherapy

We use NLP as a tool you can learn to apply in a conscious manner to your unconscious thought patterns. We are there to assist and to ensure you do apply them correctly.

Hypnotherapy provides us with a tool to communicate with your unconscious mind. We will use direct methods such as suggestion, and also indirect methods such as metaphor and story.

The combination of NLP and hypnotherapy is very effective, leading to rapid and permanent change. Each complements the other so that the new whole is bigger than the sum of the parts.

How long will this take?

Because of the powerful combination we use only two or three one-hour sessions is required on average.