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How can you help me?

Hypnotherapy and NLP provide a powerful combination of techniques to help you resolve the issues and difficulties in your life. This combination of approaches is particularly useful as it allows the practitioner to treat your problems quickly and efficiently, and directly.

What is the treatment like?

Well, it varies considerably from client to client, and depends to a great extent upon what sort of treatments the client responds to best. In other words, whilst there are a large number of techniques, there isn’t an off-the-shelf trick that works in the same way for everyone.  The practitioner will establish, quite quickly, the best sorts of methods for you during the initial stages of your session.  For further information regarding treatment please do feel free to call us.

More ‘training’ than ‘therapy’

It is important to understand that our work is not ‘therapy’ in the traditional sense of the word. We are not ‘mending a broken person’. It is more accurate to say that what we do is train your mind to bring more flexibility and choice to the way that you think. In turn this gives you choice in how you feel, and this gives you more flexibility in the way that you behave,

How long will it take to sort my problem out?

Naturally it depends upon the ‘problem’ as straightforward things like phobias and nail biting are typically resolved in one session whereas chronic and severe depression is likely to take up to half a dozen sessions or more.

How to find your way around this website

There are a large number of problems that we give therapy, treatments and help for, and we have grouped them into indexes so that you don’t have to look at everything all at once. These indexes are in the column on the left hand side of the page.  When you follow a link to an index page there are normally further links that take you to yet more detailed information.

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Anxiety Index Page
This includes information on treatments for general anxiety disorder, exam and/or interview nervousness, excessive and uncontrolled blushing, anxiety and panic attacks, poor self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, pre-wedding jitters, and a range of social phobias.
Anxiety Information
We provide treatments for anxiety, for general anxiety disorder however mild or severe.
Learn to stop excessive blushing and to stop worrying about blushing.
Exam Nerves
Overcome stress, exam nerves and anxiety about taking exams.
Interview Nerves
Hypnotherapy and NLP treatments to help you to overcome interview nerves.
Panic Attacks
Treatments for anxiety attacks and panic attacks with hypnosis and NLP.
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome PTSS - PTSD
Post traumatic stress disorder (syndrome) treated effectively and efficiently.
Self Confidence
Learn to have more self confidence in all areas of your life.
Self Esteem
If you suffer from low self esteem then we can help you to feel more confident.
Social Phobia
Overcome social anxiety and social phobia quickly and easily.
Wedding Nerves
Beat wedding nerves and make your wedding the best day of your life.
The Compulsions Index Page
This index pages includes information on treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and body dysmorphic dysfunction (BDD). Other compulsions treated include nail-biting, gambling, and compulsive shopping or overspending.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatments with hypnotherapy and NLP.
Treatments to help you to Overcome body dysmorphia, or body dysmorphic dysfunction.
Compulsive Lying
Learn to stop lying. Compulsive lying is a habit that can be unlearned.
Biting your Nails - Nailbiting
We will help you to stop biting your nails and this is usually quite straightforward.
Compulsive Gambling
Get back in control of your life and learn to stop gambling for good.
Obsessive compulsive disorder comes in many shapes and sizes. We treat all of them.
Obsessive compulsive shopping and overspending
Get back in control of your spending habits and stop compulsive shopping.
The Drug Addictions Index
This Page leads to information on how to stop using cocaine, stop smoking cigarettes or marijuana, stop eating chocolate, and overcome coffee or caffeine addiction.
Whether you call it weed, skunk, pot cannabis or marijuana, we can help you so stop smoking it.
NLP and hypnotherapy treatments to recondition your response to chocolate, to stop eating it!
If you have reached the point when you want to stop using cocaine, then we can help you.
Treatments for coffee and caffeine addiction. Learn to be moderate or just give it up. You choose.
Smoking - Cigarettes
Hypnotherapy is well known to help people to stop smoking, so get in touch.
Eating Disorders And Weight Control Index
The eating problems index page leads to more info on hypnotherapy treatments for eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. Naturally there is also information about and weight control and weight loss.
Anorexia Nervosa
Treatments for anorexia nervosa can take time, but they can also be very effective.
Binge Eating
Overcome the problems of binge eating disorder.
Bulimia Nervosa
Hypnotherapy and NLP treatments for bulimia nervosa often work.
Weight Control
Another issue hypnosis and NLP are famed for helping is weight control, or weight loss.
Fear And Phobia Index Page
Browse through the links below to discover how we can help you to overcome fears and phobias. This list is not exhaustive. Whatever fear or phobia you have, we can almost certainly help you to get rid of it
Phobia And Fear In General
This page outlines how hypnotherapy and NLP treatments can help you overcome your phobia.
The fear of being trapped in the open with nowhere to run to is a common one.
One of the nastiest phobias because birds are everywhere. We will sort bird phobia for you.
The fear of cats is another common phobia and is usually easily dealt with.
It doesn't matter how this fear began, our treatments for claustrophobia help.
Crossing Bridges
The fear of going across a bridge can be very inconvenient. Let us help you.
This phobia can result in pain and suffering, so allow us to help you to overcome dental phobia.
It's sensible to be wary of some dogs, but a phobia of all dogs is a waste of your energy.
The freedom of driving without fear is one you will enjoy.
The fear of flying is another phobia we get to deal with on a regular basis.
The fear of hospitals is another phobia that can have dire consequences for your health.
Needles - Injections
Similarly, the fear of needles and injections can put your health in peril. We can help you.
Public Speaking
The fear of public speaking is widespread and we have been successful year after year.
They aren't cute (to most people), but the fear of spiders, however overwhelming, can be overcome.
Vomiting - Being Sick
Treatments for emetophobia that work.
The Physical Problems Index Page
The physical problems index page will lead you to more information on treatments for dizziness, IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, bruxism (teeth grinding) and excessive sweating - hyperhidrosis. .
Bruxism - Teeth Grinding
Hypnotherapy treatments to unconsciously relax your jaw as you sleep.
Treatments for dizziness are usually effective. Learn to become balanced and centred again.
Excessive Sweating
When you stop worrying about sweating, the sweating reduces
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatments are quick, easy and gentle
Pain Relief
It is well known that hypnotherapy can be wonderful for pain relief, or pain control.
The Sexual Problems Index Page
The sexual problems index page leads you to further information about treatments for anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (impotence), premature ejaculation, addiction to pornography, and fears and phobias about sex in general.
Treatments for anorgasmia and issues around frigidity in general.
Delayed Ejaculation
This is a very common problem for a great number of men.
ED - Erectile Dysfucntion
Treatments for erectile dysfunction, the modern words for impotence.
Fear - Phobia of Sex
This can be successfully treated, like all fears and phobias.
Pornography Addiction
Get back in control of your life (and get offline).
PE -Premature Ejaculation
Treatments for premature ejaculation with NLP and hypnotherapy.
Other Problems Index Page
This index page will lead you to more information on anger management, bereavement, binge drinking, depression and jealousy.
Anger Management
This is not really 'anger management' it is more training to be calmer in the first place
Sensitive but nevertheless rapid treatments for those suffering from bereavement.
Binge Drinking
Hypnotherapy and NLP combined make great treatments to stop binge drinking.
Concentration and Memory
The 'states of mind' for better concentration and memory can be learned.
Hypnotherapy and NLP provide effective treatments for depression.
Treatments for insomnia. Learn to get a good night's sleep every night.
Overcome jealousy by dealing with the 'green-eyed monster' for good.
Bad dreams and nightmares will become a thing of the past for you.